Top 10 States least attractive for IT Pros

Top 10 States least attractive for IT Pros

Top 10 States least attractive for IT  – As an IT Pro looking for advancement one of the keys is the size of the overall labor market and the employment rates are critical.  Supply and demand are the critical components of both promotions and salaries.

These states typically have higher unemployment rates and do not have a lot of “national headquarters” which is were the IT organizations resided.  In some of the states there are one or two large IT organizations but with that comes a limited pool of organizations that IT Pros can look at for employment.

The 10 states to fall into this category along with the July 2015 state unemployment rates are:

  1. West Virginia – 7.5% – highest unemployment in the nation
  2. Nevada – 6.8% – environment and water issues
  3. Alaska – 6.8% – remoteness
  4. Mississippi- 6.7% –
  5. New Mexico – 6.5%
  6. South Carolina – 6.4%
  7. Alabama – 6.2%
  8. Louisiana – 6.2%
  9. Arizona – 6.1%
  10. Tennessee – 5.7

On the plus side  Utah has been a full employment state thru most of the last several years with high demand for IT Pros with a “great life style”.

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State Unemployment

The National unemployment data provides a measure of the health of the over-all labor market.  A more granular metric is one that considers local condition – i.e. state and local unemployment.


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Lack of BYOD policy at State Department causes havoc in presidential campaign

Lack of BYOD policy at State Department causes havoc in presidential campaign

Lack of BYOD PolicyLack of BYOD policy and enforcement at the State Department have caused havoc in the presidential campaign. The secretary of state used her own personal Blackberry which was not secure. In addition it is not clear which versions of software were on her device and wither it was backed-up in accordance to mandated federal requirements for sensitive, confidential, and top secret information.

Bring Your Own Device Policy updated to to meet Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Corporate Intellectual Property Requirements

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With the advent of Bring-Your-Own-Device – BYOD and the ever increasing mandated requirements for record retention and security, CIOs are challenged to manage in a complex and changing environment.

IT Infrastructure Policies and Procedures

One of the best ways to communicate and understand a company and its operating culture is through its policies. Designing and writing policy and communicating it effectively is an essential skill for professionals to have. By having policy carefully developed and communicated, employees will clearly know what the organization expects from them, the degree of control and independence they will have, and what the benefits and consequences are in regard to adhering to policy.

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Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking and is not enough to protect your data.  Google with all of its resources had data destroyed and lost due to 4 lighting strikes at one of it data centers.

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

While four successive strikes is rare, lightning does not need to repeatedly strike a building in exactly the same spot to cause additional damage.

A project manager for the lightning protection service of one major company, said lightning could strike power or telecommunications cables connected to a building at a distance and still cause disruptions.  The cabling  outside of a data center can be struck up to a mile away, bring the power surge back to the data center and cause extensive damage.

In an online statement, Google said, “… data on just 0.000001% of disk space was permanently affected.” Some people have permanently lost access to their files as a result of this event.

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Top 10 Cities CIO Pay

Top 10 Cities CIO Pay

Top 10 List – The top ten cities CIO pay have been identified in Janco’s 2015 Mid-Year IT Salary Survey.  In the top four cities, CIOs are paid over $200,000 a year.  That is the good news, but the bad news is that the cost of living including housing is very high in all of those markets.

Top 10 Cities CIO Pay

Top 10 Cities CIO Pay

All of these cities have a few things in common.  First there are several market drivers including:

  • Large base population in the immediate metro area
  • An excellent university system close by that provides resources to the IT market
  • Healthy business economy
  • Large population of IT professionals that organizations can draw from

For IT professionals each of these markets is a place to be.  This is where new technologies are  going to be implemented.


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Hiring slows down as CIO pull back slightly

Hiring slows down as CIO pull back slightly

Hiring slows in the past month as CIOs pull back slightly.  CIOs are still looking to increase headcount but not as a aggressively as in prior months.

The CEO of Janco Associates, Inc. said, “The number of new computer science and IT professional jobs grown this year with 80,000 jobs created year to date and a total of 183,600 new jobs in the last 12 months.  These are all good signs,”

Hiring slows

Hiring slows

He added, “CIOs are not as optimistic in July as they were in June”.

The only really positive hiring was in the late fall of last year.  Since then hiring of “new” positions has been mixed, with some months up followed by other months of slower IT job market growth.

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CIO Pay – Millionaires

CIO Pay – Millionaires

In order to make the top 40 in compensation CIO had to be paid over $1,000,000 dollars annually.  In

CIO Pay – The highest pad CIOs made most of their compensation in the form of stock appreciation.  The highest paid CIO on the top 40 list made $12,5 million and the lowest $1.1 million.  The most common inclusion in the titles for this position are Executive Vicee President – 24; CIO – 18; CTO – 10; and Senior Vice president-8.  Many of the individuals had duplicate titles like  Executive Vice President and CIO (11).  Plus 9 women are on the list which is at an all time high.



The first CIO to make over a $1,000,000 a year was Duwane Peterson in 1987 at Merrill Lynch. This list only includes CIOs who’s compensation is public.  That only means there more of this highly paid professionals today.

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Wearable Device Security Concerns

Wearable Device Security Concerns

Wearable Device Security – Over 300,000,000 wearable devices are going to be deployed in the next several years

Wearable Device Security

Wearable Device Security

Wearable Device Security – Janco Associates has determined that most mobile devices have some major vulnerabilities. They include:

  • Insufficient User Authentication/Authorization: Many devices are vulnerable to account harvesting, meaning an attacker could gain access to the device and data via a combination of weak password policy, lack of account lockout, and user enumeration.
  • Data Encryption Missing: Most devices have implemented transport encryption using SSL/TLS, but almost one half of all cloud connections are vulnerable to the POODLE attack, allow the use of weak cyphers, or still used SSL v2.
  • Insecure Interfaces: Over 1/3 of smartwatches use cloud-based web interfaces, all of which have major security concerns. In addition there are security concerns with the devices mobile applications. These vulnerability enables hackers to identify valid user accounts through feedback received from reset password mechanisms.
  • Software/Firmware Updates Not Secure: Firmware and software security issues, include transmitting updates without encryption and without encrypting the update files. On the plus side, most updates are signed to help prevent the installation of contaminated firmware. While malicious updates cannot be installed, lack of encryption allows the files to be downloaded and analyzed.
  • Privacy Controls are missing: most wearable devices collect some form of personal information, such as name, address, date of birth, weight, gender, heart rate and other health information. Given the account security issues and use of weak passwords on some products, exposure of this personal information is a concern.

The use of wearable devices that can capture and broadcast video, voice, data and location information is increasing at an accelerated rate

Janco addresses the security, privacy and reputation management issues for a world in which wearable devices have cameras, microphones, massive data storage and INTERNET connectivity

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Wearable devices provide a variety of potential business or educational uses involving accessing, capturing and sharing data.  At the same time they can pose a significant security risk to an organization with, the ability to surreptitiously record audio and video can threaten business confidentiality and jeopardize company data and even its reputation.

With that in mind, the consultants at Janco Associates have created a Wearable Device Policy that can be downloaded and used as a guideline for organizations as they establish rules for the use of such devices in the workplace.

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Unemployment Levels over 6% in 12 states

Unemployment Levels over 6% in 12 states

State Unemployment Levels

Unemployment Levels by State — The National unemployment data provides a measure of the health of the over-all labor market.  A more granular metric is one that considers local condition – i.e. state and local unemployment.

Unemployment Levels

Unemployment Levels

In the month of June there were 12 states with an unemployment rate of over 6%.  In addition there are 31 states where the unemployment rate has risen in the last 3 months. The state with the greatest increase in unemployment are West Virgina.

States with the Lowest Unemployment — Full Employment States

Several states have very low unemployment rates.  If the rate is below 4.0% then it is considered a full employment state.  In June 10 states fell into that category

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New IT jobs created in 2015 forecast is 160,000 according to research firm

New IT jobs created in 2015 forecast is 160,000 according to research firm

New IT jobs created in 2015 forecast is 160,000 according to Janco – With the completion of the 2015 Mid-Year IT Salary Survey and interviews with over 100 CIO, Janco forecasts that a total of 160,000 new IT jobs will be created in 2015 by the end of the 4th quarter.

Forecast of IT Job Market Growth

IT jobs created

Driving that growth is the demand for IT jobs and an overall improvement in the current economic environment

Hiring Trends

In the short term it looks like companies are looking to hire IT staff, contractors and consultants. For the first time in several months the IT Job Market looks strong.

Hiring Trends

Based on Janco’s interviews and survey data the following positions are in high demand.

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2015 Mid-Year Salary Survey Released by Janco

2015 Mid-Year Salary Survey Released by Janco

2015 Mid-Year Salary Survey – Janco Associates, Inc. has just released its 2015 mid-year salary survey.  To read about the salary survey go to

IT Median Salaries Mid-Year 2014 vs. Mid-Year 2015

Historic versus current salaries IT Professionals

The major finding are:

  • In the prior 12 months the IT job market grew by 139,100.
  • IT compensation for all IT Professionals has increased by 1.22% in the last 12 months.
  • CIOs compensation across all organizations has shown another increase.  The mean compensation for CIOs in large enterprises is now $189,324 (up 2.14%) and $174,520 (up 1.44%) in mid-sized enterprises.
  • Positions in highest demand are all associated with security, training, large data center management, distributed/mobile system project management,  quality control, BYOD implementation, capacity planning and service level improvement.
  • Over the long term IT executives have fared better in large companies than mid-sized companies.
  • On shore outsourcing has peaked and companies are looking to bring IT operations back into their direct control and reduce operating costs.
  • Mandated requirements for records management systems and electronic medical records have increased the demand for quality control staff and custodians (librarians) of mechanized records.
  • Companies are continuing to refine the benefits provided to full time IT professionals. Though benefits such as health care are available to 80%, IT professionals are now paying a greater portion of that cost.
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Digital Disruption is a critical concern of executive management

Digital Disruption is a critical concern of executive management

Digital Disruption – The digital narrative is continuing to gain prominence in Boardrooms and there is a need to understand the impact of digital disruption.

Digital data now can and does disrupt the business model and changing business outcomes in most companies.

It has been predicted by industry experts that 70% of IT will be absorbed into business in the future. Talent is paramount for success in the digital world. The role of CIO is changing to become the strategy officer, chief technologist of the company, and preparing the company for infusion of technology in their products, processes and every sphere of business world.

Digital Disruption Life Cycle

Order DRP BCPSample DRP BCPDRP Customers

Digital data is accelerating advanced security initiatives for enterprises: The world of digital is ubiquitous and highly connected. The connectivity is increasing at an exponential pace. It is estimated that wearables will be 30 billion devices by 2020.

Security is a risk and also an opportunity to increase the pace of innovation. Focus on security brings peace of mind. With recent incidents in large enterprises, organizations have stepped up their pace of investing in security initiatives. Innovation is paramount and instead of playing a catch up game, it is time for enterprises to move ahead of the curve.

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CIO Security role is evolving

CIO security role

CIO Security Role – CIOs have an evolving role, and are more than ever concerned about IT security and data breaches. World Class CIOs are strategic partners to the board, the CEO and CFO. They are the risk manager and communications specialist with a focus on all of the information assets of the enterprise.

Order CIO Job Description

These CIOs know that preparation can make all the difference in a later outcome. The governance of the cybersecurity program, the adherence to the security infrastructure, media and interested parties communication plans and the creation of metrics are key components of preparing for a breach and the public information about a security incident.

A key question to ask is what the primary concerns of the board are, CEO and CFO— are they afraid of financial loss or are they more concerned with reputational and regulatory risks? Who would be most affected by a data breach? How will you provide information to those who have had their data breached — by mail, email, newsletters, through call centers, through social media?

Security Tools for the CIO

Order Security ManualSample DRP



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Analytics – Why CIOs Should Lead the Effort

Analytics – Why CIOs Should Lead the  Effort

IT Performance MetricsFor every business process to be truly successful there needs to be a infrastructure underlying the analytics effort and a leader in order for it to be effective. CIOs are the logical choice to manage analytics and put it to work to serve the organization’s needs.

Metrics for ITMetrics for IT

  1. CIOs manage most of the massive quantities of data that companies are collecting from their own operations, supply chains, production processes and customer interactions. Many CIOs are already using analytics to better understand where the business is strong and where it needs improvement, and how to allocate limited resources more effectively. Analytics empowers CIOs communicate information necessary to control operational business decision-making. Profit can fall between the operational cracks and analytics can be a game changer by leading to improved operational discipline.
  2. Many organizations are already using analytics to address their strategic issues. With analytics, CIOs can continue to expand their management and leadership roles in improving ROI, strengthen their ties throughout the business and expand their influence outside the technology function.
  3. CIOs’ position as the managers of technology across the organization gives them the access to information that is needed when analytics produces insights that debunk some of the myths or accepted wisdom that can reside within the business, or about constraints on business performance. When people are provided observations that do not align with their thinking, there is a tendency to say, “That can’t be right,” and it can be challenging to convince them that the results and the data they’re based on are accurate. If they don’t trust the messenger, they are unlikely to trust the message.

The quality of IT systems and applications is driven by what is measured, the quality control, including version control, that is utilized as the standards of the enterprise.  With that Janco with its clients has created infrastructure tools, which when implemented, assist CIOs and IT organizations to become world class providers of services to their enterprises and customers.

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Employment picture is mixed

Employment picture is mixed in latest BLS data

Employment picture is mixed – The latest BLS data shows that there are 16 states that have unemployment rates that are over 6%.  In addition there are 11 other states were the unemployment rates have gone up in  the last 3 months.

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Employment Picture for IT Job Market – On a monthly basis – typically on the first Friday of the month – Janco publishes an analysis of the IT Job Market utilizing the BLS labor data and it proprietary data. See the latest press clipping go to Janco’s Press Clippings and

Employment Picture

Historic State Unemployment Rate

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Top 10 Best Practices Cloud Security Defined

Top 10 Best Practices Cloud Security Defined

Top 10 Best Practices Cloud Security

Top 10 Best Practices Cloud Security

Top 10 Best Practices Cloud Security Defined – The need to lower cost, increase efficiency and conserve cash has increased the motivation of companies to turn to Cloud Computing and increased the appeal of alternative delivery models. The disruptive shifts in new demand and supply patterns drives changes for how IT services are bought and from whom. Cloud computing requirements need to be well defined. CIOs need to consider implementing these best practices.

  1. Utilize a SDM (System Development Methodology)
  2. Implement a disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  3. Implement metrics and cloud application monitoring
  4. Utilize a secure access and change management system
  5. Utilize a patch management approach to install revisions
  6. Implement a log management system
  7. Implement firm security policies (see and
  8. Review latest published cloud vulnerabilities
  9. Use  independent  3rd parties to find security vulnerabilities
  10. Conduct a security compliance audit

The Cloud Guide and the Businesses and IT Impact Questionnaire are over 120 packed pages and include everything needed to plan for, negotiate, and manage an outsourcing process within an enterprise.  The top 10 best practices cloud security were the base for the creation of this.  The electronic document includes:

  • Cloud Outsourcing Management Standard Overview
  • Cloud Outsourcing Policy Standard Policy
  • Cloud Outsourcing Approval Standard Process
  • Sample Service Level Agreement 
  • Service Level Agreement Metrics Definition
  • Outline for Contract Negotiation 
  • Base Case Development Detail
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Template
  • Job Description for Manager Cloud Applications
  • Job Description for Cloud Computing Architect
  • Business & IT Impact Questionnaire
  • ISO 27001 & 27002 Security Process Audit Checklist
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