Top 10 Technology Lay Offs in 2014

Top 10 Technology Lay Offs in 2014

Top 10 Technology Lay Offs in 2014 have been in major corporations.  The lay offs have impacted 65,800 and are:

  1. Microsoft 18,000
  2. HP 18,000
  3. Siemens Unify 7,700
  4. SAP 6,000
  5. IBM 6,000
  6. Intel 5,000
  7. Dell 2,500
  8. Sprint 1,500
  9. NetApp 600
  10. Juniper Networks 500

These corporations continue to shed jobs as the IT market changes to be more focused on Cloud applications and user mobility.  It is not clear that these organizations will continue to be industry leaders.

Notably absent from this list are companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.  We feel these organizations will replace the old legacy organizations as industry leaders.



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Top 10 indicators that you are about to be fired

Top 10 indicators that you are about to be fired

Circumstance often make CIO and It Managers oblivious to the clues they are about to be fired.  These circumstances include:

  • An improving economy
  • A jam-packed schedule
  • Total inward focus to the IT function
  • A shift in the enterprise’s strategic direction that the IT group is reacting to

In these circumstance there are 10 warning signs that CIOs and IT managers need to be aware of as they are the top 10 indicators that you are going to be fired or your position is going to be eliminated:

  1. You are excluded from important email and distribution lists
  2. You are asked to self-evaluate your performance
  3. You are given a list of things that you must do as they relate to you interpersonal and managerial skills
  4. Your access to key individuals becomes more difficult
  5. Your boss will not discuss long-term projects and budgets
  6. Rumors fly about organizational change that you are not aware of
  7. When you approach peers, they stop their conversations
  8. You are assigned a new direct manager who will guide you
  9. You asked to justify your job functions
  10. Your supervisor suddenly assigns task directly to your employees

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  • Interview and Hiring Guide - The most important aspect of any business is recruiting, selecting, and retaining top people. Janco has complied a guide with electronic forms which are centered on world class best practices developed and implemented by some of the most successful enterprises in the world. To get more information go to
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IT Staffing 2015

IT staffing 2015

IT staffing companies and researchers released a flurry of information as the  first half of the year ended.  2015 is looking great for job-hunting IT pros, specifically if they have coveted capabilities. IT work numbers are increasing, companies are forging ahead with working with strategies, and CIOs are confident regarding working with budget plans. Here come the numbers.

Salary Survey Job Descriptions IT Hiring Kit Interview Guide

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IT employment: Improving

IT work remains to climb up, says a cooperation of IT and design companies. On year-over-year basis, IT employment has actually expanded by 3.2 % since June 2013, adding 144,200 IT workers, the alliance reports. IT employment has actually been on an upward velocity for time. Provided the low joblessness rate in lots of IT and engineering occupations, we are in the stage of labor market cycle where future growth is more likely to be constrained by a poor supply of ability rather than by need.

Compensation: Salaries inch up.

On the income front, the news declares– though just partially. In between June 2013 and June 2014, the complete mean compensation for all IT specialists raised 0.33 % from $79,112 to $79,376, based on Janco Associates IT Salary Survey. “This puts general compensation back at the degrees they went to in January 2008 and 2007,” the firm specifies. In midsize companies, the mean overall compensation raised from $75,727 to $76,241, and in big enterprises, median compensation increased from $82,498 to $82,511.

Working with plans: Favorable

Inquired about working with prepare for the next 6 months, 14 % of CIOs claimed they prepare expand their teams in the last half of 2014. (When asked the same inquiry at the start of 2014, 16 % were intending to add additional team to their departments.) One more 76 % expect to hire simply for open IT functions, compared to 67 % in the initial six months of the year. On the other hand, the number of CIOs which prepare to place a hang on hiring is declining– 8 %, compared with 15 % in the previous questionnaire. Merely 1 % expect to reduce their IT staffing levels (as compared to 2 % at the start of 2014). RHT polled 2,400 CIOs from 24 markets for its six-month hiring overview.

IT head count: Rising

Computer Economics anticipates a net positive gain for IT headcount. Majority (53 %) of IT companies are enhancing IT team headcount this year in “one of the most favorable indication for IT task development since the start of the recession,” according to the company’s new IT Investing and Staffing Standards research study. (Thirty-one percent record no adjustments to headcount, and 17 % anticipate head count to lower.).

Finding skills: Challenging.

Among the CIOs surveyed, 61 % claimed it’s rather or very challenging to locate skilled IT professionals. The areas where it’s hardest to locate skillful ability are applications development (cited by 17 %), networking (17 %) and protection (12 %). When asked which skills sets are in greatest demand within their IT departments, CIOs called out network management (57 %), data source administration (52 %), and desktop computer assistance (52 %).

Open Positions: On the rise.

A healthier employing picture is putting pressure on staffing, according to Dice’s semi-annual working with study. Amongst 700 participants, 59 % stated some placements are going unfilled because of income. Tech pros looking for the right position and the right pay: 32 % of hiring managers and employers said a lot more tech prospects are turning down firm job offers, as as compared to six months earlier; and 61 % said candidates are requesting for even more cash, as as compared to six months ago.

Looking Around: IT pros looking.

IT pros surveyed, 40 % are definitely seeking new work.

Incomes: CIOs and CTOs greatest paid.

Baseding on Mondo’s annual innovation income overview, 32 % of working with managers plan to increase their IT budget plans in the following 12-18 months. The company additionally stated the top five technology jobs with the highest salaries in 2014: CIOs and CTOs ($150,000-$230,000); main gatekeeper ($135,000-$200,000); boosted fact expert ($70,000-$175,000); application designer ($130,000-$170,000); and Scala developer ($115,000-$170,000).

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ISO 22301 International Business Continuity Standard

ISO 22301 International Business Continuity Standard

In the constantly changing business environment and with unpredictable natural disasters and accidents risk security officers have impelled are forced to  focus more on developing immunity towards such unpleasant occurrences to continue stable business operations. The ISO 22301, the first international standard for Disaster Recovery Management  emphasizes on quality planning and monitoring of a well-defined framework to facilitate timely responses to disruptive events.

ISO 22301 International Business Continuity Standard

In most organizations, the DRP and BCP processes are the most complex task CIOs need to focus on. Disasters happen typically happen so infrequently that recovery operations are the opposite of routine. What’s more, the myriad interconnected data, application and other resources that must be recovered after a disaster make recovery an exceptionally difficult and error-prone effort. Even if you have never built a Disaster Recovery plan before, you can achieve great results. Just follow the DR Template that Janco has created and you will have a functioning plan before you know it.

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Top 10 IT Professional Staff Issues for CIO

Top 10 IT Professional Staff Issues for CIO

As budgeting starts for 2015, the top 10 IT professional staff issues that CIOs and HR departments are concerned about are being addressed.

The issues are all associated with the impacts of the length of the downturn and what it has done to both the IT department in general and IT professionals in particular. In a lengthy survey conducted by Janco of CIOs and HR executives, we found that over two thirds of them were concerned about retaining staff.

 These top 10 items all will have an impact on the CIO and IT organization in general. Specifically:

  1. Retain existing staff – As more opportunities present themselves IT professionals have more options to leave.
  2. Improve employee morale – Many organizations have been pushed to their limits and employee morale is at an all time low
  3. Add new technical skills to staff – This is driven with new projects and new hires as well as specific training for existing staff
  4. Provide competitive compensation – Salaries for all employees have been held down for several years as cost cutting and outsourcing have been the focus.
  5. Maintain and improve existing productivity and service levels – With the impending changes the IT organization needs to remain focused on its mission. Change can cause a loss of focus
  6. Provide competitive benefits – General benefits and perks for all employees have been constrained in the last few years and employees have borne more of the cost (i.e. health insurance deductible and employee share of costs have gone up).
  7. Reduce employee burn-out – Many IT professionals have be working well in excess of 45 to 50 hours a week for several quarters.
  8. Manage organization culture – With the coming recovery, IT organizations will have a new focus and direction. This will result in organizational changes and impact the existing culture and environment.
  9. Provide viable career path – Employee upward mobility is a strong motivator and having good career paths is necessary to achieve this
  10. Utilize social networking in the recruiting process – There is a new world out there and social media is now one of the components in the recruiting process.

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Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud based disaster recoveryCloud based disaster recovery is all the rage. May Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity experts are pushing this cloud solution because:

  • It is very easy to get the process going – There is little if any investment in hardware, plus most service providers say they are secure and offer automated process to upload the data.
  • It is flexible and not very inexpensive – The user has the option to determine what is backup and how frequently.  It is a very scalable solution.
  • It simplifies the disaster recovery environment – It provides a way to use the same architecture across environments minimizing training and maximizing support.
  • It provides management consistency – With a single remote platform the disaster recovery and business continuity staffs can modify and test without impacting day-to-day operations.

Businesses are using the cloud based disaster recovery to enable faster business continuityof their critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. The cloud supports many popular disaster recovery (DR) architectures from “pilot light” environments that are ready to scale up at a moment’s notice to “hot standby” environments that enable rapid fail-over. With data centers in multiple regions around the world, cloud based disaster recovery  enables rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure and data.

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Mid-Year 2014 IT Salary Survey Released

Mid-Year 2014 IT Salary Survey Released

The just released Mid-Year 2014 IT Salary Survey shows that IT professionals’ compensation rose just 0.33% from mid-2013 to mid-2014.  Now salaries for most IT pros are at the level they were at in 2008, and that is a positive.

IT Median Salaries Mid-Year 2013 vs. Mid-Year 2014

Historic versus current salaries IT Professionals

Salaries have not increased significantly and neither has the number of I.T. jobs, the survey finds. Although companies added 32,200 jobs in the first half of 2014, that’s less than the 36,500 jobs added during the same period in 2013. Total employment in the I.T. sector has surpassed where it was before the 2008 recession but still lingers below the industry-high levels in 2000.

Employment Trends

Salary Survey Job Descriptions IT Hiring Kit Interview Guide

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CIO Tenure is 4 years 4 months

CIO Tenure 4 years 4 months

In a survey of companies in the United States, South America, and Europe Janco has found that newly hired CIOs jobs are not very secure in the current economic conditions. The CEO of Janco, Victor Janulaitis said, “We have seen a fairly steady change in the roles and successes of CIOs. We conducted a preliminary review of CIO turnover in a number of companies. The companies were of all sizes and our preliminary results are that the median length of employment was approximately 4 years and 4 month.” He added, “There are a fair number of CIOs who have been in their positions for over 7 years, many of them are close to retirement age but have retirement portfolios that are not as large as they had hoped. As a result we feel that many of these executive will defer their retirements for at least one to two years. That is not a good sign for the next level down who want to be promoted.”

CIO tenure


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After 14 years total number of US IT jobs below 2000

After 14 years total number of US IT jobs below 2000

In the process of compiling the 2014 Mid-Year IT Salary Survey the principles at Janco Associates have found the total number of US IT Jobs in June of 2014 is below the levels of December 2000. Even as the pace of hiring picks up it does not look like the number of IT jobs will reach those earlier levels.

US IT Jobs

When you add the number of graduates from universities and technical trade schools, it is easy to see why salaries continue to be depressed. Janco’s preliminary results show minimal increases, and some decreases in salaries.

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5 best practices to improve cyber security

5 best practices CIOs and CSOs need to implement

cyber securityBest practices to improve cyber security among users are:

Order DRP BCP SecuritySample DRP Security Manual
  1. Create awareness programs. Awareness efforts should combine education, communications, cheerleading, entertainment, and incentives.
  2. Provide organizational and cultural leadership. Senior and Executive management must make cybersecurity awareness and good online behavior part of the corporate culture.
  3. Notify end users of policy violations. Rather than blindly enforcing policies, companies should use electronic notifications to educate employees as to why their actions were blocked.
  4. Implement proactive spear phishing. Sending bogus but authentic-looking emails to internal employees to see if they actively click on links, install software, or open attachments. Then sending the employee a notification of what just happened and reminding them about best practices.
  5. Provide meaningful communications. The security team should keep everyone up to date on what and how they are doing.

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Top 10 issues that are causing friction between business users and the CIO

Top 10 issues that are causing friction between business users the CIO

Top 10 Issues — In a recent round of discussions with CIO Janco identified the top 10 issues that are causing poor relations between the CIO (IT department) and many business users.  They are:

  1. Gaps in customer satisfaction and the perceived value of services
  2. Excessive bureaucracy in dealings with IT by users
  3. Slowness in adapting and implementing new technology solutions
  4. Dissatisfaction with charge-back systems that are arbitrary and do not reflect business value
  5. Inadequate IT support, which decreases productivity and revenue
  6. Lack of communication and ownership in how business users and IT work together to identify service levels and technology needs
  7. Unexplained outages of services
  8. Too many IT professionals who do not understand the business
  9. Systems that are not user friendly
  10. Technology that gets in the way of the business

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Smart ID Badges and Credentials Are Becoming the Industry Standard Best Practice


Smart ID Badges and Credentials Are Becoming the Industry Standard Best PracticeSmart ID Badges

Smart ID badges and credentials provide organizations with a better world class solution over other traditional solutions at approximately the same price as a plastic photo ID card. Smart cards increase the security of data, provide added convenience to the user, and allow for greater functionality by allowing users to use them for access control, logical access, payments and many other functions.

By considering open architecture capabilities, CIOs can easily provide secure access to companies’ facilities and applications. A smart ID Badge that is implemented with an open architecture provides the ability to have customized keys for multiple applications. For example keys can be stored for not only user IDs and passwords for application but also for physical access to specific locations. That added with a biometric check can be the ultimate security tool that we have all been looking for.

Order Security ManualSample DRP

Users prefer the convenience of using their phones instead of digging for their cards. Using smart phones as badges saves time. Assigning the credential to a phone takes less work than printing and delivering a badge.

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Top 10 cyber-security issues facing CIOs

Top 10 cyber-security issues facing CIOs

Security incidents on the rise

Janco has found that 77% companies have reported a security event in the past 12 months, and more than a 33% say that the number of security incidents increased in the last 12 months. Additionally, almost 60% of CIOs say they are more concerned about cyber-security threats currently than at the same time last year.

Top 10 cyber-security issues as reported by CIOs interviewed by Janco Associates are:

  1. Executive management does not take a strategic approach to cyber-security spending approval.
  2. CIOs do not have sufficient budgets to access the security capabilities of third-party providers.
  3. CIOs have limited understanding of suppliers and customers security risks.
  4. Mobile computing has increased the security risk landscape.
  5. BYOD security risks continue to multiply.
  6. Internet of Things broadens the scope of security risks.
  7. New cyber risks continue to appear while old ones are being dealt with.
  8. Proprietary nature of systems limits the ability of organizations to collaborate and share intelligence on threats and responses.
  9. Insider threats are on the rise.
  10. Employee security training and awareness are limited by budget constraints.

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User privacy versus security

User privacy versus security

User privacyIBM researchers have just patented some software that sounds like it will be a boon to organizations web site security. However it is not clear if the long term implications will be a positive for user privacy.

The patented solution builds a profile on each person using a site or application based on their navigation habits as recorded through the browser. Metrics are collected through the computer mouse and keyboard and the touchscreen on a tablet or smartphone.

The solution would compare activity to a user’s profile would be on the web server or somewhere else on the network. If the percentage of matching activity fell below a per-configured threshold, then the site could ask for the answer to a security question or perform some other type of authentication.

In essence the IBM approach will create a fingerprint of a user. The question is how can this information be used by a company and will this violate the privacy of the user?

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IT Infrastructure Architecture

IT Infrastructure Architecture

Janco has just announced the availability of it IT Infrastructure Architecture tool along with 24 months of updates to all of its components. The statement released by Janco said that, “…over the next several months Janco will be updating its product offerings to include an extended update services.  This is a part of Janco’s commitment to provide its customers with the tools they need in such a way that the customers will be able to be as current as possible with all of latest offerings at a lower overall cost.”

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Architecture Framework

IT Infrastructure Architecture

The Platinum Edition of the IT Infrastructure Architecture Kit contains the following:

Infrastructure Strategy Electronic Forms CIO Policy Bundle IT Job Descriptions
  • IT Infrastructure, Strategy, & Charter Template WORD
  • Electronic Infrastructure Policy Forms – over 50 electronic forms
  • CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle – 17 proven policies
  • Full set of IT Job Descriptions in MS Word Format – over 260 FULL job descriptions which have just been updated
Order IT Infrastructure KitDownload Infrastructure

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