10 point checklist for disaster recovery

10 point checklist for disaster recovery

HR, Legal and Media Communications Disaster Recovery 10 Point Checklist

A list of 10 questions to rank how comprehensive your organization’s processes are around disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

  • Is there a consistent security, safety, and HR approach across all service areas and lines of business?
  • Is there a business continuity champion within
  • HR
  • Legal Department and
  • Media Communications
  • Do you regularly involve, brief, and train staff on the organization’s business continuity plans?
  • Is a Social Media channel established?
  • Has this been communicated to everyone with the enterprise?
  • Have pre-approved messages been written for each stage of the recovery process?
  • Do you have an enterprise information line or HR incident line?
  • Have your response plans considered duty of care and reputational implications?
  • Does your plan include cross-training of both in-house and out-house staff?
  • Do you have a detail organization chart with job descriptions, role definitions, and responsibilities for all major and minor participants during the recovery process?
  • Are responsibilities and succession planning defined in the plan?
  • Is it clear how communication with staff will be handled?
  • Does your plan cover common people-related impacts, such as unavailability of key players?
  • Do you review all enterprise policies to consider whether they will hold up during a crisis?
  • Have you considered how you will deal with staff with special needs requirements at any disaster recovery center or alternative site?
  • Is all staff contact data, including next of kin, current? Is it updated at least quarterly or when there are staff changes?
  • Do you have a process for locating staff to ensure that they are safe?
  • Have you reviewed your travel and purchasing policies to accommodate the need for flexibility during and after an incident?
  • Does your testing go beyond a regular disaster recovery – business continuity tests?
  • Do you have sufficient flexibility in contracts to deal with the need for change of location, extended working hours or other changes to working terms and conditions?
  • Do you have established methods for monitoring threats and receiving government advice, for example, for pandemics?


Score one point for each area and sub-point covered in your plan. Deduct one point if it is absent and score zero if you don’t know! Ranking Matrix scoring table:

  • 0–15 points – Revisit your disaster recovery business continuity plan retest your plan on a quarterly basis.
  • 16–20 points – Work on improving your plans implementation and retest your plan on a semi-annual basis
  • 20+ points – Review and retest you plan at least on an annual basis

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Author: John Stamms

IT Manager from a company in the EU. Very interested in how people in the US manage the IT function and all of its associated issues.