Mobile Computing Top 10 trends for CIOs

Mobile computing should be the focus of CIOs

Every organization needs to identify and develop mobile computing security policies to be deployed which will provide adequate protection. The level of protection has to be aligned with the level of risk that your organization is willing to accept. These policies should ensure that the many regulatory or compliance concerns that might be applicable are addressed.

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Mobile Device UseCIOs need to be aware of the top 10 trends in mobile computing:

  1. Smartphone usage has nearly tripled in 2012 versus 2010
  2. Smartphone users generated 35 times more data traffic than the basic-feature cell phone.
  3. The number of mobile-connected tablets has exploded to over 50 million devices in the US
  4. Tablets generate 3 to 5 times more data traffic than the average smartphone
  5. 200 million laptops accessed mobile networks, each generated 22 times more traffic than the average smartphone.
  6. In early 2013 the number of mobile-connected devices exceed the number of people on earth
  7. Mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 6.3 exabytes per month by 2015
  8. By 2016 there will be 1.4 mobile devices per capita
  9. Over 10 billion mobile-connected devices, including machine-to-machine modules will be connected
  10. Mobile computing costs will dwarf desktop costs by 2020

Author: Victor Janulaitis

M. Victor Janulaitis is the CEO of Janco Associates. He has taught at the USC Graduate School of Business, been a guest lecturer at the UCLA's Anderson School of Business, a Graduate School at Harvard University, and several other universities in various programs.