Released CIO IT Infrastructure Policy and Procedure Bundle Update

CIO IT Infrastructure Policy and Procedure Bundle

Janco has announced an update to the “CIO IT Infrastructure Policy and Procedure Bundle” report to their offering.

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When a CIO or an IT Executive takes over a new job one of the greatest challenges is to quickly validate that the infrastructure that is in place. Would it not be nice to have some tools that could be use to quickly put proven world class policies in place with minimal effort. That is what the CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle does.

Gain control over your IT realm! Download a collection of over Janco’s IT infrastructure and policy templates. Each can be modified to align with your needs. This comprehensive collection comes with a variety of highly-researched tools that will help you develop a complete guide that fits the unique needs of your organization and provides tools and suggestions for policy communication and enforcement.

Defining Your Optimal IT Infrastructure is a critical task that can no longer wait with all of the changes mandated by PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO, ITIL, Sarbanes-Oxley, changing economic environment, and changes to enterprise operating environments.

CIO IT Infrastructure Policy and Procedure Bundle

Janco has assembled the policies that it has developed over time with some of the best IT organizations around the globe into a single package. With this bundle you get a PDF file that has all of the procedures in a single document that is over 300 pages long. In addition you get a separate MS-Word document for each procedure which can easily be modified.

Electronic Infrastructure Policy Forms – The electronic forms that Janco has developed can be e-mailed to users, completed on the computer, and then stored electronically. Forms comply with all mandated requirements for electronic records. A few of the forms are:

  • Blog Policy Compliance Agreement
  • BYOD Access and Use Agreement
  • Company Asset Employee Control Log
  • Email Employee Agreement
  • Internet Access Request
  • Internet and Electronic Communication Employee Agreement
  • Internet Use Approval
  • Mobile Device Access and Use Agreement
  • Sensitive Information Policy Compliance
  • Security Access Application

It would take your staff months to develop these procedures from scratch.   The policies have just been updated to comply with all mandated requirements and include electronic forms that can be Emailed, filled out completely on the computer, routed and stored electronically — a total solution.

CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle (All of the policies below are included as individual MS Word files and a single PDF file. Electronic forms are all individual documents that are easily modifiable):

  • Backup and Backup Retention Policy
  • Blog and Personal Web Site Policy (Includes electronic Blog Compliance Agreement Form)
  • BYOD Policy Template (Includes electronic BYOD Access and Use Agreement Form)
  • Incident Communication Plan Policy (Updated to include social networks as a communication path)
  • Internet, e-Mail, Social Networking, Mobile Device, Electronic Communications, and Record Retention Policy (Includes 5 electronic forms to aid in the quick deployment of this policy)
  • Mobile Device Access and Use Policy
  • Patch Management Policy
  • Outsourcing Policy
  • Record Management, Retention, and Destruction Policy
  • Sensitive Information Policy (HIPAA Compliant and includes electronic Sensitive Information Policy Compliance Agreement Form)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Policy Template with Metrics
  • Social Networking Policy (includes electronic form)
  • Telecommuting Policy (includes 3 electronic forms to help to effectively manage work at home staff)
  • Travel and Off-Site Meeting Policy
  • IT Infrastructure Electronic Forms

The policies help enterprises:

  • Understand and explain what infrastructure is, enabling enterprises, their constituents, and the executive team to manage the enterprise’s technology environment more effectively;
  • Analyze the current state their enterprise’s infrastructure so they know where it works well and where to focus improvement efforts;
  • Justify infrastructure spending, using the template’s comprehensive definitions and ready to use examples to link IT infrastructure and the enterprise’s bottom line; and,
  • Prioritize enterprise resources with a prescriptive tool set that lets enterprises focus their efforts in a cost effective manner.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Backup and Backup Retention Policy
  2. Blog and Personal Web Site Policy
  3. Incident Communication Policy
  4. Internet, Email, Social Networking, Mobile Device, and Electronic Communication Policy
  5. Mobile Device Access and Use Policy
  6. Outsourcing Policy
  7. Patch Management
  8. Record Management, Retention, and Disposition Policy
  9. Sensitive Information Policy
  10. Service Level Agreement Policy
  11. Social Networking Policy
  12. Telecommuting Policy
  13. Travel, Laptop, PDA and Off-Site Meeting Policy

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IT Infrastructure PoliciesInfrastructure Policy Sample

Author: Support Manager

The Support Manager has been personally involved in disaster recovery and business continuity management since the mid 1980’s. Experience includes: • 911 in New York • Earthquakes on the West Coast • Brush fires in Southern California • Hurricanes in the Gulf • Several office structure fires • Floods on the Mid-West and South