Security Policy Directive Issued

Security policy directive issued by the White House

The President issued a Security Policy Directive which aims to improve the security of US critical infrastructure.

Security PolicyPresidential Policy Directive /PPD-21 ‘Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience’ will advance “a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure.”

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At the same time the President signed an Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber-security.

PPD-21 identifies three ‘Strategic Imperatives’. These are:

  • Refine and Clarify Functional Relationships across the Federal Government to Advance the National Unity of Effort to Strengthen Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience;
  • Enable Efficient Information Exchange by Identifying Baseline Data and Systems Requirements for the Federal Government;
  • Implement an Integration and Analysis Function to Inform Planning and Operational Decisions Regarding Critical Infrastructure.

PPD-21 also identifies 16 critical infrastructure sectors and designates associated Federal SSAs.

Following these developments the Department of Homeland Security announced that in support of the Executive Order and PPD, the Departments of Homeland Security and Commerce have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to “improve the synchronization and mutual support of their respective efforts to improve the nation’s cyber security while protecting privacy and civil liberties.”

Order Security ManualTable of Contents

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The Support Manager has been personally involved in disaster recovery and business continuity management since the mid 1980’s. Experience includes: • 911 in New York • Earthquakes on the West Coast • Brush fires in Southern California • Hurricanes in the Gulf • Several office structure fires • Floods on the Mid-West and South