4 Common Causes of System Failure

System Failure

When system failures occur many disaster recovery (DR) plans end up being a documentation exercise and never rise above the day-to-day priorities of the business. Those that make it to the DR testing phases often encounter problems that if not properly addressed leave a bad mark on the whole DR processes. In a survey of 253 enterprises that had to activate their recovery plans Janco has identified the reasons why recovery is not successful.

The four most common causes of system downtime were:

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Hardware failure
At 55 percent, hardware failure is the number one cause of downtime for small to mid-sized businesses.

Human error
According to the report 22 percent of disasters are caused by human error. This could include accidentally wiping out a file system on a server.

Software failure
Software failure ranks third in overall disasters at 18 percent, and it’s no wonder, given the number of patches routinely sent out.

Natural disasters
Since tornadoes, earthquakes and the like are often the first that come to mind when we consider the word ‘disaster,’ it’s ironic that natural disasters comprise a mere 5 percent of actual causes of downtime. Still, their effects are obviously without parallel.

Author: John Stamms

IT Manager from a company in the EU. Very interested in how people in the US manage the IT function and all of its associated issues.