Security breaches occur when former employees are unhappy

CIO security issue – Former employees can easily breach networks

Security Warning – The importance of a termination procedures and lock-down of systems after key system administrators leave an organization are an on-going issue that CIOs need to address.

Cloud DRP SecurityIn a recent case, a system manager man was arrested for allegedly disrupting his former employer’s network after he was passed over for promotions, leading him to quit his job and take revenge. The manager who worked for a company that manufactures high-voltage power supplies, allegedly caused the company over $90,000 in damages.

The specialized in developing and customizing software used by the company to run its business operations. He was one of two employees responsible for ensuring that the software ran smoothly in order to keep production planning, purchasing and inventory control operating efficiently. This role gave the employee high-level access to the company’s network.

After being passed over for promotions he allegedly expressed his displeasure and resigned. After his network access was terminated, ex-employee found a way to launch a three-week campaign to cause damage to his former employer after getting unauthorized access to the network.

He allegedly hacked into the company’s network, stole former co-workers security credentials, via a program to capture log-in names and passwords. The information was then used to remotely access the company’s network using a virtual private network to corrupt the company’s network from another location.

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