10 important aspects of IT Pro’s jobs

In a recent survey Computerworld identified the five most important aspects of IT Pro’s jobs.  At the same time Janco Associates has expanded that list to include ten factors. Each of these needs to be considered by CIOs as they look towards the future and begin the planning processes for next year’s budgets.

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The top 10 important aspects of IT Pro’s jobs are:

  1. Compensation that is fair both the the employee and employer – compensation at market rates
  2. Being recognized by others in the enterprise as a valued asset not a “cost”
  3. Having a work environment that is positive and pleasant
  4. Being able to deal with “new” technologies and tools as they become available
  5. Feeling that the individual is part of a “team”with a common set of goals that are recognized and communicated
  6. Ability to get training and advance in an individual’s career
  7. Work in an environment that offer technological challenges
  8. Ability to have a personal life and not have the job infringe on personal time
  9. Have fringe befits that have real value – Health Insurance, paid vacation time 2 weeks good 3 to 4 weeks better
  10. Have assignments that  do not create an unreasonable amount of strees

Author: M V Janulaitis

Victor Janulaitis is the CEO of Janco Associates. He has been a professor at the USC Graduate School of Business and has been a guest lecturer at UCLA and a Graduate School at Harvard University.