10 Technology Predictions

There are 10 predictions that have been made by a major research firm for the next decade.

SmartPhones and tablets are changing the way the way people and business browse the Internet, shop, provide service and communicate with suppliers, customers and associates.

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  • 3D printing will bring the specter of cloning of human body parts and the will start a global debate about regulating the technology or banning it for both human and nonhuman use.
  • 3D printing will result in the losses in intellectual property
  • Over half of consumer goods manufacturers will achieve 75% of their consumer innovation and R&D capabilities from crowd sourced solutions
  • Most consumers will collect, track and barter their personal data for cost savings, convenience and customization.
  • WikiLeaks effect will be felt as enterprises and governments will fail to protect most of their sensitive data, and declassify and grant broad/public access to it
  • The labor reduction effect of digitization will cause social unrest and a quest for new economic models in mature economies
  • At least 10% of activities potentially injurious to human life will require mandatory use of a non-overidable “smart system.”
  • Most knowledge workers’ career paths will be disrupted by smart machines in positive and negative ways
  • A large percentage of computers will be learning, rather than processing
  • Consumer data collected from wearable devices will drive sales

Author: Victor Janulaitis

M. Victor Janulaitis is the CEO of Janco Associates. He has taught at the USC Graduate School of Business, been a guest lecturer at the UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, a Graduate School at Harvard University, and several other universities in various programs.