10 Steps to Prevent Being Scammed by Social Media

10 steps to Preventing Social Media Scam

Social Media ScamWith more companies moving to marketing via social media there now is a greater possibility that social media scam will impact and compromise your company.  Here are 10 steps that Janco Associates has found that can minimize that risk.

  1. Implement a social networking policy for all individuals and devices that can impact the company’s infrastructure
  2. Social engineering awareness training must be done constantly, not the typical annual training program.
  3. If it sounds like it is too good to be true the odds are it is a scam
  4. Look to the outside to be aware of scams that others are facing
  5. Question suspicious behavior and communications.
  6. Report suspicious behavior and communications to the IT and HR management instead of shared on social networks.
  7. Work devices should not be used for personal activities.
  8. Access to various types of data should be protected with separate and strong passwords.
  9. The network should be segmented to guard against scammers infiltrating a network segment simply because an employee with access to another segment was compromised.
  10. Learn from past mistakes of others. Reverse engineer this same scenario in your own company to see if the scam could happen in your organization.
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Author: Victor Janulaitis

M. Victor Janulaitis is the CEO of Janco Associates. He has taught at the USC Graduate School of Business, been a guest lecturer at the UCLA's Anderson School of Business, a Graduate School at Harvard University, and several other universities in various programs.