10 best practices to improve the value of your blog

Blog Best Practices to Improve the Value of Your Blog

Blog 10 Best PracticesBlogs can consume a lot of your time.  In order to maximize this effort here are some best practices that you can follow to increase the number of readers of the blog and improve its overall quality.

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  • Post comments on schedule and when events occur that are of interest to your readers.  At the same time do not over-post as that will cause you to lose readers because of “blog fatigue”
  • Think of creative titles for blog posts to attract readers and to get them hooked on the blog.  Blog readers generally pay attention to the title and the first two paragraphs of any given post, and then decide whether to read the rest. This means your title, and your first two paragraphs are your chance to entice them to read the rest of the post. Examples of some are:
    • Little known factors that could affect your __________
    • 10 shortcuts for __________
    • Secrets of ___________
  • Have multiple authors on a company blog and have them include contact information to convert blog readers to customers.
  • Be casual and not overbearing.  At the same time it should not be a marketing brochure.  Most blog readers don’t generally respond to tot that well. They want to know that they’re talking to a human being much like themselves, who happens to know a bit more about the subject than they do, or who shares their views on the subject. Try to write in a tone that’s natural, casual, and almost conversational
  • Provide a way for blog readers to engage with you via comments or other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Provide back links in the blog to other blogs and web sites for related products.  If this is a company blog focus on industry or customer sites – not competitors.
  • Keep track of what others are saying about your blog, company and related topics.  A good discussion can get started that helps to improve the reputation and value of the blog
  • Utilize tools for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  It does you little good to have a blog that no one can find.
  • Promote you blog in social media.  In the case of a company blog have tweets and Facebook postings that link back to your blog.
  • Create an RSS feed based on your blog and use that as one of the promotion tools for your blog marketing campaign.
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Author: Victor Janulaitis

M. Victor Janulaitis is the CEO of Janco Associates. He has taught at the USC Graduate School of Business, been a guest lecturer at the UCLA's Anderson School of Business, a Graduate School at Harvard University, and several other universities in various programs.