Google kill switch could kill your disaster recovery

When you are in the process of doing trying to restore you operations you do now want to have things in your way that could make you fail. Google is one such thing that you may not want to have to deal with.

Disaster Recovery

With Google’s latest Chrome upgrade did just that. Now only extensions or add-ons that originate from the Chrome Web Store, Google’s official distribution channel, can be installed. The new policy currently affects only users of the Windows version of Chrome.

Chrome automatically throws a “kill switch” on extensions that had been installed previously from sources other than the Chrome Web Store. Google called this a “hard-disable,” or one that prevents the user from re-enabling the add-on.

Now, if you have a mission critical application, and for whatever reason Google can kill the application. You now do not have complete control of your environment.

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Author: John Stamms

IT Manager from a company in the EU. Very interested in how people in the US manage the IT function and all of its associated issues.