Top 10 issues that are causing friction between business users and the CIO

Top 10 issues that are causing friction between business users the CIO

Top 10 Issues — In a recent round of discussions with CIO Janco identified the top 10 issues that are causing poor relations between the CIO (IT department) and many business users.  They are:

  1. Gaps in customer satisfaction and the perceived value of services
  2. Excessive bureaucracy in dealings with IT by users
  3. Slowness in adapting and implementing new technology solutions
  4. Dissatisfaction with charge-back systems that are arbitrary and do not reflect business value
  5. Inadequate IT support, which decreases productivity and revenue
  6. Lack of communication and ownership in how business users and IT work together to identify service levels and technology needs
  7. Unexplained outages of services
  8. Too many IT professionals who do not understand the business
  9. Systems that are not user friendly
  10. Technology that gets in the way of the business

Author: Victor Janulaitis

M. Victor Janulaitis is the CEO of Janco Associates. He has taught at the USC Graduate School of Business, been a guest lecturer at the UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, a Graduate School at Harvard University, and several other universities in various programs.