5 best practices to improve cyber security

5 best practices CIOs and CSOs need to implement

cyber securityBest practices to improve cyber security among users are:

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  1. Create awareness programs. Awareness efforts should combine education, communications, cheerleading, entertainment, and incentives.
  2. Provide organizational and cultural leadership. Senior and Executive management must make cybersecurity awareness and good online behavior part of the corporate culture.
  3. Notify end users of policy violations. Rather than blindly enforcing policies, companies should use electronic notifications to educate employees as to why their actions were blocked.
  4. Implement proactive spear phishing. Sending bogus but authentic-looking emails to internal employees to see if they actively click on links, install software, or open attachments. Then sending the employee a notification of what just happened and reminding them about best practices.
  5. Provide meaningful communications. The security team should keep everyone up to date on what and how they are doing.

Author: John Stamms

IT Manager from a company in the EU. Very interested in how people in the US manage the IT function and all of its associated issues.