Which IT Jobs are in High Demand

High Demand for Which IT jobs

CIOs and HR Managers are asking the question which IT jobs are in high demand.  Janco found that

  • Android continues to dominate the development market while Apple iPhone and iPad job market is slow.
  • STEM-related work skyrockets as startups embrace the Internet of Things, with hardware and software jobs seeing double-digit growth.
  • Small businesses look to content marketing as Google’s algorithm updates significantly alters the SEO processes for companies of all sizes.
  • Demand for 3D printing-related jobs has increased significantly.
  • More small businesses are turning to freelancers for their financeaccounting, and corporate identity jobs.
  • FacebookTwitter, and YouTube marketing falter as algorithm updates and slow growth rates plague the social networks.

In an interview of the CEO Janco Associates, Inc. the following questions were  asked and answered.

Where are the fastest growing Internet jobs found?

The fastest growing internet jobs are in the San Francisco and Palo Alto area. That is were most of the new creative ideas are coming from.

What is the surprising trend in the tech sector?

The real surprise is how rapidly data driven HTML is taking hold.  Hiring has been strong in this area for several months.

The fastest growing internet jobs are in the San Francisco and Palo Alto area. That is were most of the new creative ideas are coming from.

Where will the jobs be going forward?

Job growth will be in the conversion of legacy based web systems to take advantage of social media and responsive code.

How do Android developers and programmers fare compared to Apple iPhone and iPad?

Android is doing much better than iOS because of its open architecture and the lack of NEW advancements from Apple.  Steve Jobs is sorely missed as Apple does not have an individual or group of individuals who have the same kind of vision as he did.

How do the layoffs at HP and Microsoft impact the IT job market?

The layoffs are a drag on the market, but only slightly.  Both companies are legacy corporation and are going thru the same stagnation that IBM did when the PC came out.  The question of  will these companies thrive in the new market is if the can adapt.  In the cases of HP and Microsoft it long term growth will be based on what competitive advantage the can present.

In the near term, there will continue to be additional adverse impacts in metro area (and countries) where there is a high reliance on jobs from both of those companies.

Why are these layoff significant and what do they indicate about the tech sector overall?

These layoffs are significant in that they show that both of these companies are mature organizations that need to focus on productivity and new product development.  However they both are at the point that companies like Polaroid and Xerox were when their markets had matured and competitive advancements made “record growth” almost impossible to succeed.

Most jobs are created by new smaller companies — ie Google and Facebook.

Why have 3d printing-related jobs increased?

That is a market that will grow over time, however the  “killer” “must have” application of the technology has yet to be seen.

What skills and specialties are in demand now in the tech sector?

Data driven web application skills.  Also the expansion of wifi security with the move to more mobile computing.

Which companies are better to work for and why? What perks do they offer?

The best companies to work for, if you can find them, are those that are implementing new apps utilizing social media and data.  Brick and mortar corporations will continue to be stressed as operating cost increase and the focus is on reduced costs.  Those companies will continue to merge with others, reduce the total number of jobs, and not be very innovative.

What jobs are available?

  • Enterprise Architecture designers who understand how computing will be done in the future
  • Html developers who understand good GUI that is responsive to the device that is being utilized
  • Project managers
  • Programmer analysts with strong business backgrounds.
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