IT Job Market Growth Slows

IT Job Market Growth Slows

IT Job Market growth has slowed.  Year to date the number of net new  jobs created is only 52,700.  That is barely enough to cover the new IT professionals that graduated this June.

 After the “surge” of 13,400 jobs added in April, the number of new IT jobs as remained at the 10,000 level.

That when considered in like of the layoffs at major firms like HP, Microsoft and Dell does not paint a very positive picture for IT job market growth.

From what we have seen on the east coast, I believe that IT job market growth will not improve until after the election and when all of the political uncertainty case by all of the recent international events.

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Author: John Stamms

IT Manager from a company in the EU. Very interested in how people in the US manage the IT function and all of its associated issues.