Container Based Applications is the next big deal

Container Based Applications is the next big deal

The next major shift in the IT infrastructure market is here – container based applications. Historically, 10 years ago virtualization, currently public cloud, and now Containers are changing the way users interact with the Internet.

Containers are the next logical step beyond virtualization. Where virtualization slices a server up into many virtual machines, containers can run on top of bare system to allow many applications to run autonomously. It’s an additional layer of abstraction that can make applications portable across public and private clouds. Containers basically wrap an application to make them portable.

Containers with platform and infrastructure may be a big deal. The change today is limited to new application development. We are a few years from existing applications being rebuilt for containers, or from enterprises moving well-running applications into smaller containers, but for new web-scale applications development, the future is containers.

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Author: John Stamms

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