Growth in IT Job Market – near zero

Growth in IT Job Market – near zero

Growth in IT Job Market has come to a standstill. For the first four month of this year.  Each month this year the IT job market has not grown at all as compared to 2015.

IT job market growth slows to a 5-year low
Growth in IT Job Market

There are some new IT jobs that are continuing to be created.  However the number of this new jobs is small at best.

The CEO of Janco was quoted as saying, “There is an acceleration in the rate of slowdown in the IT Job Market.  If this continues, as we think it will, there is a probability that there could potentially be a net decrease in the size of the IT Job Market in 2016.  We will only be able to get visibility of that when we see one or two months of new data. However, we have already lowered our best case forecast for net new IT jobs for the balance of this year.”   He added, “Many companies are cutting back significantly on contractors and consultants.  That trend will continue until at least the 3rd quarter of this year.”

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Author: Support Manager

The Support Manager has been personally involved in disaster recovery and business continuity management since the mid 1980’s. Experience includes: • 911 in New York • Earthquakes on the West Coast • Brush fires in Southern California • Hurricanes in the Gulf • Several office structure fires • Floods on the Mid-West and South