10 Point Checklist DR Power Requirements

10 Point Checklist DR Power Requirements

10 point checklist DR power requirements in Janco’s Disaster Recovery Business Continuity template.  The checklist addresses the issues associated with power after an event disrupts availability. It is:

  1. Electricity, water, broken wires do not mix.  Before anything else, validate that the power source and power distribution systems are dry and functional before power is turned on.10 Point Checklist DR Power Requirements
  2. Understand the minimum power requirements to be operational.   Have a clear understanding of a facility’s critical loads.
  3. Have an adequate fuel supply to operate backup power sources. Make smart fuel and technology choices, considering things such as if natural gas pipeline service were to be disrupted in your community. Make sure that you have sufficient fuel storage capacity on-site for an extended outage.
  4. Set reasonable response times for standby generator.  Frequent outages of a few seconds, a few minutes, or more, can have significant cost implications for businesses. While some other generators take up to two minutes to engage, diesel-powered generators are uniquely able to provide full load power within 10 seconds of a grid outage.
  5. Maintain your equipment and test it operations. Standby generators should be exercised periodically to ensure they will operate as designed in the event of an outage.
  6. Understand your environment and geography.  Even the best generators won’t work underwater when subjected to extreme flooding.  Check unit location for protection from flooding and ensure you use the proper gauge extension cord.
  7. Set up generators in an “open environment”. Use generators or other gasoline or charcoal-burning devices such as heaters in an open area or outside near an open window. Carbon monoxide fumes can build up and poison people.
  8. Quarterly review your load.  Know when there are any new demands or critical circuits to protect.  If you’ve added new computers or other power-hungry devices, consider updating switchgear.
  9. Meet all mandated compliance requirements. Make sure you have the proper permits and records on operations.
  10. Optionally contract for a rental power source.  Consider a rental generator power for use in the event of an extended outage.
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Client Server Application Framework

Client Server Application Framework

Client Server Application Framework article was written on the Upper Setting.  It not only defined what the future of mobile and IoT applications is, but it also defines an architecture that they have implemented with a unique tool kit.

Client Server Application Framework
Client Server Application Framework

The SDK provides a client/server application framework that implements an extendable binary protocol stack, supports SSL/TLS 1.2 connections, includes an extendable security framework, includes a keep-alive/heartbeat protocol and includes a C# API for Windows and Windows Mobile, a Java API for Android and Unix/Linux flavors and an Objective-C API for iOS and Mac.

A commercial product, DotNetCloudServer SDK, which is built on top of the DotNetOpenServer, includes support for remote method invocation (RMI), variable subscriptions and event notifications.

The full article is a definite must read for a CIO and their architecture development staffs.  In summary the article includes:

  • Architecture definition
  • Project approach
  • Security
  • Session Layer Protocol (SLP)
  • Capabilities Protocal (CAP)
  • Keep-Alive Protocal (KAP)
  • How to extend the architecture
  • How to create a server application
  • How to create an instance using app.config
  • How to create an instance programatically
  • How to create client applications
  • Links and 3rd party references

Upper Setting, Inc. – Upper Setting is a small Utah USA based software solution provider. They focus on providing software engineers with off the shelf tools, custom tools and software development services to quickly create secure real-time cloud based applications targeted for any server, desktop or smart mobile device.