Top 5 Hot Jobs

Top 5 Hot Jobs

Chief Digital Office (CDO) & Chief Mobility Officer (CMO) Hot C-Level Jobs

Top 5 Hot Jobs – CDO & CMO Hot C-Level Jobs that are not only new but also hot.  In the case of Chief Digital Officer (CDO), we have found that one in five companies now have some in that role.  In addition, half of those enterprises hired the incumbent in the last 12 months. The case is not quite as strong for the Chief Mobility Officer (CMO) as we found that only one in ten organizations have an individual other that the CIO assuming those responsibilities.

Top 5 hot jobs
Chief Digital Officer is one of the hottest jobs in the technology arena. Other hot jobs are Chief Mobility Officer (CMO), Digital Brand Manager, Data Scientist, and Social Media Specialist.

Many of the hot new jobs often report to the operational side of the business, instead of the traditional IT organization under the authority of the CIO.  Part of the reason for that is that almost half of all IT functions report up thru the financial side of the enterprise, not the operational side.

The five hot new jobs are listed below and have links to pages describing the major roles and responsibilities they have:

All of these jobs have one thing in common.  They are addressing the issues, roles, and responsibilities of the new age marketplace.  Without the Internet, e-commerce, and mobile users there would be no need for these positions.

But, as it is these are the new jobs that have been created by these new technologies and changes that have taken place.

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Chief Digital Officer now is need in enterprises to leverage digital data

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) now is needed to leverage digital strategy

Chief Digital Officer’s (CDO) time is now. CIOs understand that digital is central to their business and career success. World Class CIOs are focusing on the digital footprint of their customers, products, and competitors. New competitive advantages will be based on digital operations and insights.

Digital business promises to convergence people, business, and things and will disrupt existing business models. While 75% of all CIOs and business executives say their company has a digital strategy, only 15% believe that their company has the skills and capabilities to execute on that strategy. A piecemeal strategy of bolting on digital channels or methods is no longer sufficient.

CDO – Chief Digital Officer

The CDO is not only a digital expert, but also a seasoned general manager
Chief Digital Officer CDO

The requirement for ‘powerful digital leadership’ to drive strategy and execution is a necessity. But how many leaders really have experience in this? Is this learning on the go, or is it about having a CDO and team that has a totally digital focus.

Is there an ideal way to navigate through this journey and also connect better with industries and companies? The CIO and CDO are in excellent positions to help the enterprise decide which approach(es) it should take to manage total digitization.