Telecommuting Top 10 Reasons Why

Telecommuting Top 10 Reasons Why

Telecommuting Top 10 Reasons why
Telecommuting top 10 reasons why – the focus of many C-Level executives is addressed by this policy

Telecommuting Top 10 Reasons Why include the following:

  1. Flexible Work Hours – If employees telecommute then their schedules become more flexible.
  2. Reduce costs – Telecommuter’s can save money on transportation costs such as gas, parking, public transportation, work clothes, and dry cleaning bills. Employers can save money by reducing overhead and retaining employees.
  3. Ease strain on employees -Telecommuter’s have greater flexibility to plan non work-related activities around their business schedule instead of searching for time in the early morning, late evening, or during lunch.
  4. More Productive – Telecommuter’s will save the time they now take to commute to their place of employment.
  5. Minimize Non-Work Distractions – At times employees in an office setting can be distracted from their work by untimely interruptions from peers, impromptu meetings, or pulled away onto other projects. Telecommuter’s may find themselves more productive.
  6. Better Morale – Working from home usually means telecommuter have more time with their family.
  7. Green Solution  – Working from home part or full-time reduces the auto emissions and decreases gas consumption.
  8. Stay Healthy – Working from home decreases the stress caused by inflexible hours, commuting time and costs, continual rushing to unmet family needs, sitting idle during a commute and provides time to exercise or pursue endeavors of particular interest to you.
  9. Potential Tax Deductions – Income deductions are available for home-based work-related expenses such as fax, scanner, phone, computer and office supplies.
  10. Reduce the Need for Outsourcing – Working from home helps keep jobs domestic and reduces need or desire for business and industry to contract with other countries for work that can be done at sites other than the main office.
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Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking and is not enough to protect your data.  Google with all of its resources had data destroyed and lost due to 4 lighting strikes at one of it data centers.

Cloud Disaster Plan lacking
Cloud Disaster Plan lacking

While four successive strikes is rare, lightning does not need to repeatedly strike a building in exactly the same spot to cause additional damage.

A project manager for the lightning protection service of one major company, said lightning could strike power or telecommunications cables connected to a building at a distance and still cause disruptions.  The cabling  outside of a data center can be struck up to a mile away, bring the power surge back to the data center and cause extensive damage.

In an online statement, Google said, “… data on just 0.000001% of disk space was permanently affected.” Some people have permanently lost access to their files as a result of this event.

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10 best practices in managing social networks and relationships

10 Best Practices in Managing Social Networks and Social Relationship

Social networks provide an opportunity to communicate electronically with both personal and business associates.  Done properly they are a great new way to stay in touch or market.Social Networks

  1. Create relationships to connect in a consistent manner
  2. Minimize low value communications
  3. Group relationships to make it easier to track relationships
  4. Utilize multiple social networks to segregate relationships – utilize the right network for the relationship
  5. Ensure you have proper groupings
  6. Establish metrics to use in following relationships
  7. Assess the impact of a change before you make it
  8. Document changes
  9. Keep communication flowing via Email
  10. Validate relationships are working both ways

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