IT Management Suite – complete toolkit

IT Management Suite

The IT Management Suite contains all of Janco’s products at a savings of over $2,500. Plus for a limited time (until 12/31/2013) you can save an additional 20% by entering the coupon code of Post201311.

CIO Management Suite

Included are:

  • CIO IT Infrastructure Policy Bundle including electronic forms
  • Disaster Recovery Template
  • Security Manual Template
  • Internet & IT Position Descriptions HandiGuide – including all Job Descriptions in MS Word
  • IT Infrastructure, Strategy & Charter Template
  • IT Salary Survey
  • Functional Specification Template
  • Safety Program Template
  • IT Service Management Template
  • Practical Guide IT Outsourcing
  • Client Server Management HandiGuide
  • Metrics for the Internet & IT HandiGuide
  • Internet & PC Workstation Policies & Procedures HandiGuide
  • Business & IT Impact Questionnaire
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Disaster Planning Security Policies Procedures Job Descriptions IT Infrastructure, Strategy, & Charter Template IT Salary Survey Internet PDA SmartPhone DRP Security 
Backup Policy Blog Policy BYOD Policy Google Glass Policy Communication Plan Electronic CommunicationMobile Device Use Outsourcing PolicyServer Security Policy Patch Management Records Management Sensitive InformationSLA Policy Social Networking Policy Telecommuting  Travel Laptop PDA IT Electronic Forms

Security Manual Addresses PCI Compliance Issues

PCI Compliance Security IssuesSecurity Manual

What’s needed for PCI compliance is a comprehensive, high-quality security policy. To that end Janco has a security policy template available for immediate download. Take a look at what’s included when ordering today from the company that’s helped thousands since 2009:

  • Section I: Easy-to-understand, step-by-step process for achieving PCI compliance that’s been exclusively authored by payments experts with a focus specifically on merchants and service providers seeking clear and concise directions for PCI DSS certification.
  • Section II: Detailed set of high-quality Policies and procedures developed specifically for PCI compliance as required by the PCI DSS standards themselves.
  • Section III: Comprehensive PCI DSS information security manual as mandated by the PCI DSS standards for PCI compliance.
  • Section IV: Certificate of compliance to be self-awarded upon meeting all requirements for PCI compliance.
  • Section V: PCI security awareness training material for training all employees on important security issues, threats, concerns, and best practices.

Omni commerce – Consumer Products Video

Omni commerce consumer implementation video

Omni Commerce

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Disaster Plan Sample

Top 10 Best Practices for Omni Commerce and ERP

Omni Commerce and ERP top 10 best practices CIOs should follow

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Omni Commerce

As the new model Omni Commerce and its associated ERP solutions are implemented, Janco has defined the top 10 best practices that enterprises should follow.  They are:

  1. The Internet commerce function should be a top priority have a business “champion” who is pushing for it – not just the IT pros in the enterprise
  2. Create an infrastructure strategy that addresses both traditional procedural solutions and ones that leverage cloud based application.  You do not have to invent – utilize the work of others. (See  IT Infrastructure, Strategy, and Charter Template —
    • Authenticity: The same fundamental set of core values around the products and/or services and what the company stands for in a brick-and-mortar context should be integrated throughout the Online presence.
    • Consistency: The user experience should be aligned with the overall brand, to have the same ‘look and feel’ between Internet platforms and brick and mortar assets.
    • Transparency: Communications with users at all levels must be consistent across Internet and brick-and-mortar platforms
  3. Prototype the design of the overall experience to test the user-experience and minimize the cost of new development that may not produce the results you want.
  4. Move quickly ad be “first” to the market – create a competitive advantage.  A perfect solution is not required, rather one that works in you environment and meets all of the mandated compliance requirements.
  5. Create a social media presence for the company and its products and/or services
  6. Focus on the “customer” both internal and external, they are the ones will benefit the most from a robust granular solution.
  7. Utilize social media sign-in to minimize password fatigue.  Surveys have found that more than 75% of all shopping cart activity is abandoned at the sign-in step
  8. Design content and site flow to be device independent.  The user may start on a desktop; move to a SmartPhone; and then complete the activity on a tablet.
  9. Move away for “3 column” design to panel design.  Design with “large” images as the focus point so that the user experience is improved.
  10. Display products and services in natural settings – not as stand-alone images.  This helps to provide reference points for the user looking at the product.
 Order Omni Commerce Planning ToolkitDisaster Plan Sample