BLS IT job market growth forecast

BLS IT job market growth forecast is for over 500,000 new IT jobs to be created by 2028

BLS IT job market growth forecast is for over 500,000 new IT jobs to be created in the 10 year period starting in 2018.  Over one half of the growth that the BLS sees will be software developers.  Their definition of developers is broad.  They are individuals who create the applications or systems that run on computers or other devices like smartphones.

BLS IT job market growth forecastInterestingly, the BLS forecasts that there will be a decline in the number of Computer Programmers during the same time period.  Overall, the growth for IT professionals will be in the range of 12% to 13%.  That is significantly higher than any other sector of the economy.

Janco IT Job Market forecast

On a monthly basis, Janco forecasts the growth of the IT job market. The sectors by janco are Telecommunications, Data Processing hosting and related services, Other Information services, and Computer Systems Design and Related Services.  That come to over 3.6 million IT jobs.  Over the past three years, Janco has seen an average of 100,000 plus new IT job created.  Given that data, the BLS IT job Market growth forecast is very conservative.

IT Job Market Growth

Click on the image above to see the latest IT Job Market forecast provided by Janco’s analysis.

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

California Consumer Privacy Act (CaCPA)

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Compliance Management toolkit addresses California Consumer Privacy Act (CaCPA) and GDPR

CaCPA Goes into effect January 1, 2020 and places new burdens on companies that do business with California residents.  This includes both domestic and international organizations.  Who must comply with CaCPA?

  • Companies that serve California residents and have at least $25 million in annual revenue
  • Companies of any size that have personal data on at least 50,000 people
  • Companies that collect more than half of their revenues from the sale of personal data

Once California regulators notify a company that they are in violation of CaCPA, companies have 30 days to comply. If the issue isn’t resolved, there’s a fine of up to $7,500 per record. In addition, the law allows for penalties of $100 to $750 per consumer per incident, or actual damages, whichever is greater.

What must companies must do to comply

One of the first things they must do is add a clearly visible footer on websites offering consumers the option to opt out of data sharing. If that footer is missing, consumers can sue. One shortcut that companies can follow if they do not share data is to put a comment in a common footnote that data is not shared.

Data covered by CaCPA

The law originally covered employee data in addition to consumer data.  That was amended to exclude employee data.  Companies must allow consumers to choose not to have their data shared with third parties. That means that companies must be able to separate the data they collect according to the users’ privacy choices. A California consumer has the right to find out what information a company collects about them.

After the access request, a company has 45 days to provide them a comprehensive report about what type of information they have, was it sold, and to whom, and if it was sold to third parties over the past 12 months, it must give the names and addresses of the third parties the data is sold to.

The data covered by the law includes:

  • Identifiers such as a real name, alias, postal address, unique personal identifier, online identifier IP address, email address, account name, Social Security number, driver’s license number, passport number, or other similar identifiers
  • Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law
  • Commercial information including records of personal property, products or services purchased, obtained or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies
  • Biometric information
  • Internet or other electronic network activity information including, but not limited to, browsing history, search history and information regarding a consumer’s interaction with a website, application or advertisement
  • Geolocation data
  • Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory or similar information
  • Professional or employment-related information
  • Education information, defined as information that is not publicly available personally identifiable information (PII) as defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Inferences drawn from any of the information identified in this subdivision to create a profile about a consumer reflecting the consumer’s preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, preferences, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities and aptitudes.

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Microsoft Outlook blocks more extensions

Microsoft Outlook blocks more extensions – 38 extensions added

Microsoft Outlook Blocks

Electronic communication is an intergral part of an enterprise’s infrastructure.

Microsoft Outlook blocks more extensions that can no longer be attached as email attachments.  When communicating with others, files often need to be sent.  If they fall into this list, and the recipient is an Outlook user they will not be able to access these attachments.

The new ones to be added are are:

  • Java files: “.jar”, “.jnlp”
  • Python files: “.py”, “.pyc”, “.pyo”, “.pyw”, “.pyz”, “.pyzw”
  • PowerShell files: “.ps1”, “.ps1xml”, “.ps2”, “.ps2xml”, “.psc1”, “.psc2”, “.psd1”, “.psdm1”, “.psd1”, “.psdm1”
  • Digital certificates: “.cer”, “.crt”, “.der”
  • Files used to exploit vulnerabilities in third-party software: “.appcontent-ms”, “.settingcontent-ms”, “.cnt”, “.hpj”, “.website”, “.webpnp”, “.mcf”, “.printerexport”, “.pl”, “.theme”, “.vbp”, “.xbap”, “.xll”, “.xnk”, “.msu”, “.diagcab”, “.grp”

There currently 104 extensions that are blocked.  The new total of extenstions that will be blocked will be upped to 142.  The current list includes:

  • .ade – Access Project Extension (Microsoft)
  • .adp – Access Project (Microsoft)
  • .app – Executable Application
  • .asp – Active Server Page
  • .bas – BASIC Source Code
  • .bat – Batch Processing
  • .cer – Internet Security Certificate File
  • .chm – Compiled HTML Help
  • .cmd – DOS CP/M Command File –  Command File for Windows NT
  • .cnt – Microsoft Help Workshop Application
  • .com – Command
  • .cpl – Windows Control Panel Extension (Microsoft)
  • .crt – Certificate File
  • .csh – csh Script
  • .der – DER Encoded X509 Certificate File
  • .diagcab – Microsoft Support diagnostic tools
  • .exe – Executable File
  • .fxp – FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft)
  • .gadget – Windows Vista gadget
  • .grp – Microsoft program group
  • .hlp – Windows Help File
  • .hpj – AppWizard Help project
  • .hta – Hypertext Application
  • .inf – Information or Setup File
  • .ins – IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
  • .isp – IIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
  • .its – “Internet Document Set –  Internet Translation”
  • .jar – Java Archive
  • .jnlp – Java Network Launch Protocol
  • .js – JavaScript Source Code
  • .jse – JScript Encoded Script File
  • .ksh – UNIX Shell Script
  • .lnk – Windows Shortcut File
  • .mad – Access Module Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .maf – Access (Microsoft)
  • .mag – Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .mam – Access Macro Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .maq – Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .mar – Access Report Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .mas – Access Stored Procedures (Microsoft)
  • .mat – Access Table Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .mau – Media Attachment Unit
  • .mav – Access View Shortcut (Microsoft)
  • .maw – Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
  • .mcf – Media Container Format
  • .mda – “Access Add-in (Microsoft) –  MDA Access 2 Workgroup (Microsoft)”
  • .mdb – “Access Application (Microsoft) –  MDB Access Database (Microsoft)”
  • .mde – Access MDE Database File (Microsoft)
  • .mdt – Access Add-in Data (Microsoft)
  • .mdw – Access Workgroup Information (Microsoft)
  • .mdz – Access Wizard Template (Microsoft)
  • .msc – Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File (Microsoft)
  • .msh – Microsoft Shell
  • .msh1 – Microsoft Shell
  • .msh2 – Microsoft Shell
  • .mshxml – Microsoft Shell
  • .msh1xml – Microsoft Shell
  • .msh2xml – Microsoft Shell
  • .msi – Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
  • .msp – Windows Installer Update
  • .mst – Windows SDK Setup Transform Script
  • .msu – Windows Update file
  • .ops – Office Profile Settings File
  • .osd – Open Software Description
  • .pcd – Visual Test (Microsoft)
  • .pif – Windows Program Information File (Microsoft)
  • .pl – Perl script
  • .plg – Developer Studio Build Log
  • .prf – Windows System File
  • .prg – Program File
  • .printerexport – Printer backup file
  • .ps1 – Windows PowerShell
  • .ps1xml – Windows PowerShell
  • .ps2 – Windows PowerShell
  • .ps2xml – Windows PowerShell
  • .psc1 – Windows PowerShell
  • .psc2 – Windows PowerShell
  • .psd1 – Windows PowerShell
  • .psdm1 – Windows PowerShell
  • .pst – MS Exchange Address Book File – Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft)
  • .reg – Registration Information/Key for W95/98 – Registry Data File
  • .scf – Windows Explorer Command
  • .scr – Windows Screen Saver
  • .sct – “Windows Script Component –  Foxpro Screen (Microsoft)”
  • .shb – Windows Shortcut into a Document
  • .shs – Shell Scrap Object File
  • .theme – Desktop theme file settings
  • .tmp – Temporary File/Folder
  • .url – Internet Location
  • .vb – VBScript File or Any Visual Basic Source
  • .vbe – VBScript Encoded Script File
  • .vbp – Visual Basic project file
  • .vbs – VBScript Script File – Visual Basic for Applications Script
  • .vsmacros – Visual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project (Microsoft)
  • .vsw – Visio Workspace File (Microsoft)
  • .webpnp – Internet printing file
  • .website – Pinned site shortcut from Internet Explorer
  • .ws – Windows Script File
  • .wsc – Windows Script Component
  • .wsf – Windows Script File
  • .wsh – Windows Script Host Settings File
  • .xbap – Browser applications
  • .xll – Excel add-in
  • .xnk – Exchange Public Folder Shortcut



Information Security Jobs Hot

Information Security Jobs Hot – Salaries start in the mid $70K range

Information Security Jobs with salaries ranging from $75k thru $210K. With the help of serveral client organization, Janco has designed a Information Security Job Family with pay ranges.  The data contains the entry level salaries, median and highest salaries for individuals in those positions.  The chart below depicts that information.

Information Security Jobs Hot

Information Security jobs are among some of the hardest to fill. As a result the salaries for this positions almost all within the low six figure range.

No longer are organizations are looking for just the CSO (Chief Security Officer), rather they are looking to fill out the infrastructure to support the CSO.

IT Job Family Classification

Both in an individual’s personal career planning and an enterprise’s staffing, promotion and compensation it is important to have benchmarks on the levels that individuals are at. To that end, one of the best objective ways to meet this goal is to have formal job descriptions and clear paths for promotion and compensation.

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Job Description Bundles

Janco has developed job description bundles to aid in the recruting process.

For those clients who do not want to acquire the entire HandiGuide there is an option to select subsets of our complete offering. These subsets are focused around particular areas of interest and provide you a way to get the benefits of Janco’s expertise in a limited and lower cost manner. All of the bundles have been updated in the last few months. They include:


Depending on Goggle Risky

Depending on Goggle Risky

Depending on Goggle Risky

Independence is  a core requirement for IT Governance and Infrastructure definition.

Depending on Goggle Risky – Depending on Internet, hardware, and software companies is a mistake. Enterprises  are impacted as they drop product support, are purchased by other companies, and/or have security breaches and system failures of their own.

For example, Google – Customer who installed Haiku ceiling fans, which were supported  with the Nest thermostat device via the “Works with Nest” program were left out in the cold. This was driven by Google’s decision to end the program and go with the “Google Net”.  They said this was to focus on supporting its own hardware business.  As a result, there was a loss of support for any device on that program. Not a good omen for people who installed them in their homes.

Another similar situation occurred for Comcast email users. Users who had email accounts were not made aware of the limitation of services that Comcast’s spam protection process effected. What happens is as an email is sent to a comcast user email account, if the email has multiple recipients, the email is placed on hold (based on the comcast user’s usage). The user is NOT notified that the email was held and not delivered. It is up to the sender to contact the user and re-send it with the email going to a single recipient.

The less that you depend on Internet companies for proprietary offerings, the more you can be assured that you can continue to operate when they change their corporate strategy.

How long will it be before a company like Goggle decides to charge for their free email services. Wait a minute they already do that with their offering G Suite.

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Top 10 Wanted Benefits for IT Pros

Top 10 Wanted Benefits for IT Pros – High Demand for IT Pro moves many companies to improve prized benefits for IT Staff

Top 10 Wanted Benefits for IT ProsJanco surveyed 275 organizations Janco to identify the top 10 prized benefits for IT Pros.

  1. Benefit coverage for domestic partners.
  2. Paid maternity leave.
  3. Partial payment of school load held by employees.
  4. Tuition reimbursement to recognized universities.
  5. Tuition reimbursement for programs that lead to technical IT certifications.
  6. Formal company training programs
  7. Employee wellness programs
  8. 401K with company providing matching contributions.
  9. Telecommuting
  10. Flexible hours

In another recent survey, the top 100 best places for IP pros to work did include many of these benefits.  Many have done so in order to recruit and retain high performing IT Professionals.

The trend is for more benefits to be provided.  Some companies even go to the extent of having game rooms, free lunch programs, catered meals, sporting event special seating, and free drinks like soda, coffee and tea.

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DevOps Job Descriptions

DevOps Job Descriptions Released

DevOps Job Descriptions were just released as a bundle. Both HR and IT have a critical role in addressing the expectations that the Executive Management has in the movement towards DevOps applications.

DevOps Job Descriptions

DevOps is a process which allows for the constant and evolving development of applications with new features and functionality added over time. This is without the traditional legacy SDM process of traditonal IT development and implementation.

The jobs descripions that are included in the bundle are:

  • Chief Digital Officer – CDO
  • Chief Experience Officer – CXO
  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Manager DevOps
  • DevOps Application Designer
  • DevOps Quality Control Specialist
  • DevOps Software Engineer
  • DevOps Version Control Specialist

There are more positions that will be added to this bundle as we continue to evaluate the roles that must be played in: planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, deploying, operating, and monitoring process of DevOps.

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DevOps Job Descriptions add to IT Job Family Classfication

In the bundle contains the full IT job family classification for all of these positions.  They have been added to the DevOps, Blockchain, and DLT job family.

DevOps Job FamilyRead On  Order IT Job Family Classification Download Selected Pages

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Top 10 IT Staffing Issues

Top 10 IT Staffing Issues for CIOs and HR Pros identified

Top 10 IT Staffing Issues that CIOs and IT Pros face when looking at the increased demand for staff.

Top 10 IT staffing issues

Survey conducted by Janco Associates, Inc. identified the the staffing issues that CIOs and HR managers have. CIOs and HR professionals in those organizations were asked to list and rank their top 5 IT staffing issues. 129 companies participated in the survey and included both large and mid-sized companies with CIO that had at least 150 professionals under their direct control.

The results of the survey were:

  • Hiring new technical skills – 97 organizations
  • Retaining existing staff – 86 organizations
  • Improving existing staff skills – 74 organizations
  • Improving employee morale – 67 organizations
  • Providing competitive compensation – 48 organizations
  • Utilizing social networking in recruiting – 45 organizations
  • Maintaining productivity and service levels – 44 organizations
  • Providing competitive benefits – 41 organizations
  • Managing organization culture – 31 organizations
  • Providing viable career path – 28 organizations

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NETFLIX Breach – user account ID changed

Security Manual TemplateNETFLIX Breach on the user-id has occurred twice in one week, I have had an account with Netflix for several years. On Friday when I tried to log in to my account I could not.  I got a message that my account e-mail address had be CHANGED. Since that is the only way that I can access my account, I had no user ID to get in. I had to call and wait to be connected to an account rep. Once there, I asked how that could happen, and the answer I got was that someone had BREACHED my account and re-assigned my user-id (which was my account ID) with theirs.

Linked with that information was my credit card payment information. After the recent Citicorp breach, there is no assurance that my credit card information was not breached. The solution the account rep gave was to CANCEL my account. Which I did and created a new account with a DIFFERENT email address. I also added my mobile number for account verification.

That worked for a day and on Saturday evening someone else logged in to my NEW account, turned on the service for their account and changed the user-id again. The only thing that I got were two emails from Netflix. One saying that someone accessed my account and the second that told me my user id had been changed.

Nexflix breach

Poor design for changing the user ID. They only ask for a password NO 2nd level verification with the mobile phone number

When I talked to the agent at Netflix on the SECOND breach there was no sense of urgency.  I have my credit card associated with the account and now have a concern that the credit card information has been hacked.

NETFLIX Breach – Do they even care that they have a security issue?

In both cases with both email addresses, they were uniquie and the passwords were over 8 characters in length. In addition, they had one upper case letter, two numbers, and a special character.  Somehow they were able to get into the account, and change key information.  They also have the capability to change the seconday security mobile phone number.

The fact that the only concern they had was to get my account back on-line so I would pay is troubling. Netflix did not address the issue of managing the changing of my user-id. Nor did they address the core issue of how the account got breached and then not providing me with a soulution.  For example a solution could be, having a DOUBLE verification before they change key security and personal information or making it so the userid could not be changed. Either solution would work.

I forecast the Netflix will be the next major corporation that will have the public embarasement of a major security breach.

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IT Job Market Explodes

IT Job Market Explodes – Now over 3.6 Million Job in the United States

IT Job Market Explodes – IT Job Market had grown by 34% since 2010.  This year Janco forecast that the number of new IT jobs will expand by approximately 100K.

IT Job Market Explodes

As of July 2019, 56,800 new IT jobs were created YTD. The forecast for the reaming 5 months of the year is that on average 8,400 jobs will be added each month resulting in 42K new IT jobs

CIOs and CTOs continue to be optimistic and do not see the hiring trend slowing.  The only downside to this is the contraction in the number of telecommunication jobs. In the past ten (10) years the number of Tel-comm jobs has shrunk by 20% from 890K to 712K.

Historic Number of Jobs in the IT job marketTele-comm jobs are being eliminated as organizations automate the function and fewer individuals are need to accomplish the same tasks.  This is the same type of job elimination that occured in that industry when it automated switchboard operaters to electronic swithes.

IT Job Market Explodes – As economy improves IT jobs lead the way in job creation.

Demand for IT Professionals is now focused at the interface between the end user of the data and the data stored on the cloud or in secured legacy systems.  Blockchain, cyber-currency, security, and compliance skills are the one highest in demand.

Janco has updated its IT Governance book to reflect the impact of this.

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