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Top 10 Paying IT Positions

Top 10 Paying IT Positions reported in latest IT Salary Survey

Top 10 Paying IT Positions are at the upper levels of the organization of the Information Technology function.  As expected the media total compensation package for the Vice President – Chief Information Officer (CIO) is around $165,000.  Also, there are a number of CIOs whose total pay with stock and performance bonuses is above $2 million to $3 million.

In the past, we have generated a report on the highest paid CIOs.  In the next few months we will generate that information.

Top 10 paid IT positions

All of these positions are in large organizations. Some have IT budgets well north of $250,000,000 per year

The data in the IT salary survey shows that IT total compensation in on the rise as demand for individuals who can effectively manage these functions is very high. In addition, attrition rates for these positions are on the rise as companies are looking to expand with seasoned professionals.

The data for the top 10 paying IT Positions is as follows:

  1. Vice President – Chief Information Officer – $165,494
  2. VP – Security (CSO) – $142,525
  3. Technical Services – $138,881
  4. VP – Consulting Services – $138,213
  5. Director – Systems & Programming – $133,190
  6. VP – Information Services – $133,094
  7. Director – Production/Data Center – $115,651
  8. VP – Administration – $108,785
  9. Project Manager – Distributed Systems – $107,203
  10. Manager – Systems and Programming – $106,870

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Blog Management and BlueHost

Blog Management and BlueHost – Blog pages to read

Blog Management

Blog Management is dependant on having a robust security management process implemented. That includes both a Threat and Vulnerability process and an understanding of the business impact analysis

Blog Management – This month we migrated our blog from our old ISP BlueHost.  They had given us an introductory offer to host our blog for 3 years for $129. That was great.  When we got the renewal notice the price for the same offering was now almost $1,000.  We opted out of that arrangement and now host it on another server.

When we tried to restore the history from our backup we found a number of issues that we were not able to resolve with the Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin.  Since we had severed our relationship with BlueHost we decided to start our blog fresh with the new provider.

Below are some posts that we have added to this new blog to provide fresh content.

Over time we will add more content to this site.  We will put any blog management topics in the category called Blog Management.

Enjoy and please add comments. Be aware that we review 100% of the comments before they are posted.  In addition, we do run a spam checker which flags 99% of the pure spam that people try to post.

This a business to business site and we do not allow for ANY ads or links to unrelated topics.

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IT Service Management Tool

IT Service Management Tool Now used by over 120 organizations

IT Service Management Tool  (ITSM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) have gained great acceptance as the change management discipline has grown over the last several years.

In a survey of over 200 organization, Janco found that 71% of all organizations use the KPI Metric of User Review as a key metric.

ITSO KPI Metrics

Over 71% of organizations that have implement KPI metrics use favorable review by users as the key metric

The percentage of participants using a structured approach to manage change has grown from 55% to 75%. The reasons ITSM, SOA, and change management have become so important to organizations in recent years are:

  1. More and frequent changes – Change is occurring at an incredible pace in organizations today. The sheer quantity of changes is increasing, and changes are happening more frequently and faster than ever before. With such large amounts of change happening, organizations need a better and more structured way to manage the individuals in the organization impacted by all of these changes.
  2. Dynamics of the business environment – With the rapid change in the economic climate, CIOs and their IT organizations are now required to do more with less. Change management and change control is one-step that insures that changes are implemented correctly.
  3. Value system of empowerment – Over the last few years, value systems have shifted in many organizations. Old values of control and predictability have been replaced by new values to push decision-making, authority and responsibility down into the organization. While this shift has delivered many benefits, it has also made top-down changes more difficult and increased the resistance they face. Organizations with empowered work forces need to manage the human side of change more effectively than they did in the very hierarchical structure of the past.
  4. Competitive advantage – Many sources of competitive advantage have eroded as information moves more quickly and across the globe in seconds. In upcoming years, speed and agility will be a central differentiation in the market place. In addition, organizations that do not use change management cannot build their internal competency too quickly and effectively implement change. Strong change management competencies within an organization are a key source of competitive advantage in coming years.

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Top 10 Security Weakness

Top 10 Security Weakness Issues Enterprise-Wide

Top 10 Security Weakness Issues – In a review of over 100 enterprises we identified the security weakness issues that CIOs, CSOs, and IT pros need to address. There are:

  1. Using only single level verification for access to sensitive data
  2. Having “public” workstations or access point is connected to a secure network
  3. Weak Passwords
  4. Sharing login credentials
  5. Static Passwords
  6. Data validation for forms is contained in client-side JavaScript
  7. Connect to network from an unsecure access point
  8. Corporate web site is encrypted but the login process is not
  9. Using weak encryption for back end management
  10. Using unencrypted or weak encryption for Web site or Web server management
Top 10 Security Weakness

Top 10 Security Weakness Issues Identified

Order Security Policies and ProceduresDownload TOC security policies

Janco’s Security Manaual provides tools that IT Professionals can use to address these  issues.  In addition, there are a number of articles that have been published on Janco’s main web site.  To see them go to the site and under the main menu bar there is a search option.  With that you will be able to see all the web pages that have the term security weakness or any sub-set of the seach term.

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Top 10 CIO Issues

Top 10 CIO Issues For 2018

C-Level Job Descriptions

C-Level Job descriptions are key to recruiting IT Professions

Top 10 CIO Issues – The role of the CIO and CTO is changing as more enterprises more towards a “Value Added” role for the Information Technology function. Those changes are depicted in the detail job descriptions that have been created for all of the functions with IT — especially for the CIO and CTO.

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In 2018 the Top 10 issues were:

  1. Security and Hacking – If there was a major breach at a company that made the news, then the CIO and/or CSO lost thier jobs
  2. Blockchain and Cloud processing were the focus of much new development and staff recruting
  3. Mobile Computing  and support of those activities took up an ever increasing percentage of the support and help desk functions
  4. Standardization and Integration of information and sensitive data were marked as areas where operational managment wanted better controls
  5. Access Management in light of compliance and secrurity mandates
  6. Identity Protection of users both internal and external was a concern of many
  7. Budget Management was less of an issue than in prior years but still of some concern
  8. SaaS Demand in responce to increasing costs of support
  9. Staffing with demand for IT professionals increasing both salaries and attrittion rate incearsed
  10. Internaation compliance with the requirement that GDPR be followed.
Top 10 CIO issues

Top 10 CIO issues are monitored by Janco and the resultant data is published at least once every year

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Blockchain Payment System

Blockchain Payment System

Universities Work Together On Payment System – Shades of Internet Development

Universities Work Together On Payment System just like they did when the Internet was developed by them in the late 1960’s with ARPAnet.

Blockchain payment system must smoothly collect, process, and protect sensitive personal information

Several universities, including MIT and Stanford, are working together to develop a digital currency network that solves blockchain’s scalability and performance problems before public confidence in the technology erodes.

Funded by a Swiss-based non-profit organization, the cryptocurrency application, called Unit-e, and its blockchain-based payment system is expected to launch in the second half of this year; if successful, it would surpass even mainstream financial networks like Visa’s VisaNet in transactional capability.

This is very similiar to how the Internet was first developed.  Universitiy staff and associates worked together to create a common netwok which was in competition with the then exisiting TimeSharing services.  None of which exist today.

The question is will propritary systems like VisaNet exist after the public university system is operational. Research shows that well-run companies are most productive, suffer the least loss of sensitive data, and have less downtime of operations if they have good policies in in place.

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Security Manual Template

Security Manual Template – 2019 Version Released

The 2019 Version of the Security Manual Template was just released.

Security ManualThere now are new standards for user privacy and control according to Janco Associates – Janco has just released an update to its Security Manual Template which identifies mandated user rights and enterprise responsibilities related to privacy protection. The CEO of Janco, Mr. M. Victor Janulaitis said, “We have reviewed in detail the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) and generated a detail list of user rights and business responsibilities that are mandated.  The CaCPA requirements are very complex and significant resources will have to be allocated for organizations to comply with these new mandates.  These mandates will impact all organizations that have an Internet presence in the U.S. and California in particular.  The compliance deadline is January 1, 2020.”

The Security Manual Template is now distributed in a segmented format with five (5) specific directories. They are:

  1. Security Manual Template directory – containing the full editable MS WORD and pdf versions of the template;
  2. Forms directory – containing all the forms that are needed to implement a “World Class” security infrastructure;
  3. Policy directory with 5 policies in MS WORD and pdf versions – Blog and Personal Website Policy – Mobile Use Policy – Sensitive and Confidential Information Policy – Server Security Policy – Travel and Off-Site Meeting policy;
  4. eBook directory (with the author’s name as the directory name)- with eBook versions of the Security Manual Policy and the supporting policies; and
  5. Tools directory with the Business Impact Analysis Tool, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Tool, Security Checklist, and PCI Audit Program.

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IT Job Market Expands

IT Job Market Expands in the US by 79,800 jobs

The IT job Market Expands to over 3.5 million jobs in the US.  The jobs are divided up with 61% of the jobs in Computer Systems Design and Related Services; 21% Telecommunications; 9% in Data Processing, Hosting and Related Services; and 9% in Other Information Services.

IT Job Market Segmentation

In 2018, the total nimber of new jobs grew by 79,800.  That was 21,000 more new jobs than were created in 2017.

IT Job Market Expands

IT Job Market expands as the economy continues to improve

This expansion of the job market is now twenty months in the making.  The expansion is one of the reasons that IT salaries are going up.

In interviews with both CIOs and HR professionals since the election, Janco has found CIOs to be more optimistic about the probability of increased IT spending and hiring. The data on the number of IT jobs created in the prior two months was increased by the BLS.

The three month moving average for IT job market growth trend for IT Professionals is up dramatically. That metric is the change rate in increase and/or decrease in the total number of new hires. What it means is that CIO and HR recruiters are continuing to hire at a rate that is higher than in prior months. When that metric falls below zero then hiring demand will fall back to previous levels.

IT Job Market read on…

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IT Pros Median Salary

IT Pros Median Salary Now $93,077

In the just completed IT Salary Survey by Janco Associates IT Pro median salary increased by 2.92% in the past 12 months. It had been $90,249.

IT Pros Median Salary

IT Pros median salaries are up across the board

Other finding from the salary survey are:

  • IT executives have fared better in large companies than mid-size companies with increases that were 3.89% versus 2.84%.
  • Staff level positions in IT organizations of SMB’s had the greatest demand for new hires. Companies were gearing up their internal US-based IT organizations pushing IT salaries up by 2.40% from $87,254 last year to $89,348.
  • In large enterprises, the median compensation rose 3.42% from $93,669 to $96,875.
  • In mid-sized enterprises, the mean total compensation for all positions increased by 2.40% from $87,254 to $89,348.   Over 80,000 net new jobs.
  • Some markets like the SF Bay Area, Boston Metro, and Salt Lake areas are suffering shortages of qualified IT professionals.
  • Technology centers like San Francisco (Bay Area), Chicago, Atlanta, District of Columbia, New York and Washington State continued to lead the way in new IT job creation.
  • Succession planning and promotion of Millennials into that role is becoming a priority.
  • Large organizations are planning to beef up their middle management as those enterprises focus on Big Data, Blockchain, SEO and Smartphone and tablet connectivity.
  • Positions in highest demand are associated with e-commerce, application development security, big data, distributed/mobile system project management, and quality control.
  • The America first campaign has resulted in more infrastructure functions being moved in-house.
  • Several enterprises are moving help desks and data center operations in-house which has resulted in an increased demand for data center managers.
  • Web SEO Analyst are in high demand as e-commerce continues to expand and search engine placement becomes more critical.
  • KPI metrics are now the way performance is being measured.

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