IT Pros Median Salary

IT Pros Median Salary Now $93,077

In the just completed IT Salary Survey by Janco Associates IT Pro median salary increased by 2.92% in the past 12 months. It had been $90,249.

IT Pros Median Salary

IT Pros median salaries are up across the board

Other finding from the salary survey are:

  • IT executives have fared better in large companies than mid-size companies with increases that were 3.89% versus 2.84%.
  • Staff level positions in IT organizations of SMB’s had the greatest demand for new hires. Companies were gearing up their internal US-based IT organizations pushing IT salaries up by 2.40% from $87,254 last year to $89,348.
  • In large enterprises, the median compensation rose 3.42% from $93,669 to $96,875.
  • In mid-sized enterprises, the mean total compensation for all positions increased by 2.40% from $87,254 to $89,348.   Over 80,000 net new jobs.
  • Some markets like the SF Bay Area, Boston Metro, and Salt Lake areas are suffering shortages of qualified IT professionals.
  • Technology centers like San Francisco (Bay Area), Chicago, Atlanta, District of Columbia, New York and Washington State continued to lead the way in new IT job creation.
  • Succession planning and promotion of Millennials into that role is becoming a priority.
  • Large organizations are planning to beef up their middle management as those enterprises focus on Big Data, Blockchain, SEO and Smartphone and tablet connectivity.
  • Positions in highest demand are associated with e-commerce, application development security, big data, distributed/mobile system project management, and quality control.
  • The America first campaign has resulted in more infrastructure functions being moved in-house.
  • Several enterprises are moving help desks and data center operations in-house which has resulted in an increased demand for data center managers.
  • Web SEO Analyst are in high demand as e-commerce continues to expand and search engine placement becomes more critical.
  • KPI metrics are now the way performance is being measured.

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M. Victor Janulaitis is the founder and CEO of Janco Associates. His focus and that of the firm is the management and support of IT professionals improving infrastructure. His expertise is in organizational infrastructure, security, cost control, disaster recovery business continuity; information privacy; and staff development.

2 thoughts on “IT Pros Median Salary

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  2. Nick

    I assume this is the raw increase rather than real increase. If we adjust for a 2.2% core inflation we are effectively looking at a 0.72% real increase across the board.

    Sadly this seems very in-line with every other profession and doesn’t do much to value talent given the tight job market and alleged shortages in at least some areas. Assuming these values are representative I dare say the best move for most employees is to change employers, especially if the benefits start to erode the increase further. Using the averages, if benefits costs were to increase $55 a month the real increase would be completely wiped out (this doesn’t account for the tax treatment of any deduction).


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