Top 10 Paying IT Positions

Top 10 Paying IT Positions reported in latest IT Salary Survey

Top 10 Paying IT Positions are at the upper levels of the organization of the Information Technology function.  As expected the media total compensation package for the Vice President – Chief Information Officer (CIO) is around $165,000.  Also, there are a number of CIOs whose total pay with stock and performance bonuses is above $2 million to $3 million.

In the past, we have generated a report on the highest paid CIOs.  In the next few months we will generate that information.

Top 10 paid IT positions

All of these positions are in large organizations. Some have IT budgets well north of $250,000,000 per year

The data in the IT salary survey shows that IT total compensation in on the rise as demand for individuals who can effectively manage these functions is very high. In addition, attrition rates for these positions are on the rise as companies are looking to expand with seasoned professionals.

The data for the top 10 paying IT Positions is as follows:

  1. Vice President – Chief Information Officer – $165,494
  2. VP – Security (CSO) – $142,525
  3. Technical Services – $138,881
  4. VP – Consulting Services – $138,213
  5. Director – Systems & Programming – $133,190
  6. VP – Information Services – $133,094
  7. Director – Production/Data Center – $115,651
  8. VP – Administration – $108,785
  9. Project Manager – Distributed Systems – $107,203
  10. Manager – Systems and Programming – $106,870

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