CIOs Management Focus

CIOs Management Focus in 2019 Changed

CIOs Management Focus changed with he improved economy and the resulting increase in budgets.

CIO Management Focus

Janco Associates conduct a survey of CIO and senior IT Managers in large and mid-sized corporations. 156 individuals participated in the study.

The top ten areas of management focus that we identified are listed below along with the percentage of participants who listed that as an area of their focus.

  1. New Security Threats – identification, remediation and protections.
  2. Data Protection / Compliance – The EU’s GDPR regulation and California’s data privacy legislation are driving this.
  3. Staff Skill Gaps – Many enterprises have not invested enough into staff development in the past several years.
  4. Multi Platform Security – With the move towards disparate operating environments away for the core data center to multiple cloud platforms security and data protection are more of a priority.
  5. Innovation / Digital Transformation – New ways of doing things and the move away from traditional ways of doing everything towards a digital environment are driving top level IT Pros to rethink how they can provide value to the enterprise.
  6. Revenue Stream Improvement – IT now is viewed more as an additional source of operational revenue.
  7. Agility of IT – For most companies, projects with a 3 year development life cycle no long exist.
  8. Outsourcing Risks – In outsourcing your work, the quality of the deliverable is at the mercy of the firm you outsourced to.
  9. Business Results – IT value is now tied to the results of the operation units.
  10. Tools for Digital Workers – With more remote users who operate on tablets and smartphones remotely instead of an office environment with direct connection to the processing center, productivity tool are more critical.

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