Top 10 in Demand IT Skills

Top 10 in Demand IT Skills to drive median IT Salaries up

Top 10 in Demand IT Skills are primary drivers for the increase in IT Median Salaries.  A secondary factor is the limited supply of IT professionals as the economy continues to boom.

Median IT Salaries

Median Salaries for IT professionals now are $93,077 and foretasted to be around $98,000 by 2020.

There are a number of skill that the booming economy places a high value on.  Janco’s analysis of the IT job market concurs with this list of in demand skills.

  1. Java (SE and EE) is significant expansion of the skills required and programming language that has been around since the introduction of Java.
  2. Lawson ERP software which has a focus on HR, customer service, and manufacturing needs unique application knowledge to implement is in high demand.
  3. SAP for manufacturing industrial use – With manufacturing companies increasingly undergoing digital transformation and compliance on the rise, SAP are in high demand.
  4. Compliance expertise – CaCPA and GDPR skills have an increased value as companies scramble to hire qualified professionals who could help them meet compliance mandates
  5. SAP Forecasting and Replenishment is designed to help retail and food companies automate forecast and replenishment planning.
  6. SAP Point-of-Sale Data Management is a point-of-sale management solution that allows sales data to be quickly transferred from the cash register to a back-office system automatically throughout the day
  7. SAP FS (Insurance) is designed specifically for the insurance industry. It helps organizations streamline operations, improve customer engagement and gain deeper insights on potential risks.
  8. Microsoft VISIO – a big data tool that is a data visualization program that lets users take complex data and turn it into easy-to-read charts, graphs and flow charts
  9. Data Visualization are growing in demand as more companies turn to data analytics and business intelligence for decision-making, risk assessment and process improvements.
  10. Quantitative analysis and regression analysis are quantitative research methods that are used for modeling and analyzing large amounts of data with several variables. They’re important skills as businesses try to make sense of all the data they’ve collected over the years.

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