IT Job Market Growth

IT Job Market Growth – 2018 a banner year

IT Job Market growth exploded in 2018 with over 107,000 new jobs added.  In the past ten (10) years only twice have over 100.000 new job been added. For the first time since 2015 have the number of new job created exceeded the the number of graduates for the U.S. university system.

IT Job Market Growth

2018 was a banner year for IT job market growth with 107,100 new IT jobs created. Driving this is a booming economy and a move by many corporations to ERP and Blockchain applications

At the same time the median salary paid to all IT professionals now is over $93,000 and projected to be over $100,000 in a very short time. Salaries are higher in large enterprise (those whose revenues exceed $250 million per year and / or employ over 1,200 individuals.

Median IT Salaries

Median Salaries for IT professionals now are $93,077 and forecasted to be around $98,000 by 2020.

Jobs in demand like blockchain and ERP,currently command over $100,000 and some over $200,00

IT job market size and median salaries paid are driven up by the demand and bright economy prospects

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