Supply of Qualified IT Professionals Low

Supply of Qualified IT Professionals Low – Starting Salaries Higher

Supply of Qualified IT Professionals Low as CIO and recruiters look to add the skill sets necessary to meed the demands of seamless information flow via ERP and Blockchain.  This shortage is not limited to these skill sets, programmers and business analysts of all stripes are also in high demand.

Shortage of IT Professionals

IT job market growth is marked bu shortages of qualified professionsal. Still Janco forecasts that over 89,000 new IT jobs will be created in 2019.

The political turmoil and lack of any material progress on the trade talks with China and the EU adds a level of risk on the direction of the economy. However, even with all those factors in play there still is positive IT job market growth. CIOs are still planning on expanding the size of their organizations.

Most of the hiring that is occurring is at staff levels. Based on our current data we believe the hiring that will be done this year will be completed by June or July. Demand for consultants and contract employees will still be above average, however, there is a tendency to move towards in-house staff. This data is compiled by reviewing public data, open/filled positions at our client organization, and interviews with selected CIOs, Recruiters and our clients’ internal HR staffs.

Supply of Qualified IT Professionals Low

CIO Hiring plans for the next year show the focus is on meeting the skill shortage need at the staff level

In order to assist its clients, Janco has just released it 2019 version of the IT Hiring Kit  the Kit contains the over 300 full IT job descriptions, the 2019 IT Salary Survey, and the Interview and Hiring which is packed full of electronic forms and best practices.

IT Hiring KitOrder IT Hiring Kit

IT Job DescriptionIT Salary SurveyInterview & Hiring Guide

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