PCMatic Support Poor at Best

PCMatic Support Poor at Best – email only

PCMatic Support Poor at Best, when you have an issue they have no user forum, no real knowledge base to query, no on-line chat, nor a tech support phone number.

We tried the Pro version of PCMatic and found it an interesting solution to the protection arena.

When we had a problem with another program and added to the white list. That did not make any difference.  That we found strange.  Let me explain.

PCMatic Support

PCMatic Support should implement polices on Patch Management, version control, and service desk support.

We could install the other program (DriverSupport.com) and add it to the white list. All went well until a reboot was required. PCMatic just REMOVED the whitelisted program. We sent 3 help requests that respond with ROBOTIC canned answers that do not answer the question of how to get around the issue.

There is NO link to a follow-up area, there is NO phone number listed of who I can talk to, and there is NO user forum where I can ask if another user has solved the problem. The only solution that I have is to request a refund.

This is the WORST customer service we have seen yet in the virus protection arena. PcMactic prides itself as being all U.S. made and suppported. They might as well be in India, at least there someone will talk to you.

AVOID THIS PRODUCT IT IS NOT WORTH THE TIME TO MAKE IT WORK. They should spend more on technical support and less on TV ads

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2 thoughts on “PCMatic Support Poor at Best

  1. PC Matic Support

    Hi Victor, I’m sorry to hear that you ran into trouble with PC Matic. It looks like you tried out the consumer or home version of PC Matic. The Pro version of PC Matic is different and is made for business use.

    Our support team for the home product is staffed by a team of real people that can assist you via email. We do not offer phone support at this time but have found email as a great means for troubleshooting. After looking over the support tickets, it looks like our team advised you how to add it to the whitelist, as you did, and then wanted to look further into the logs to see what else was being blocked after you mentioned your attempts were unsuccessful.

    The reason other components were being blocked still is because as one of our techs noted -“DriverSupport is removed by PC Matic because it is a known deceptive software. PC Matic is functioning as normal removing threats to your computer.” If you wanted to continue using DriverSupport anyway, there were most likely a few other components of the program that needed to be whitelisted. I’m sorry our team was unable to assist you with that in a better fashion and thank you for trying the product. As you noted, when requested they quickly refunded your account.

    In the future, our customer support team and a large knowledge base of frequently asked questions can be found at http://www.pcmatic.com/help. We also have user forums you can check out for assistance at https://forums.pcpitstop.com/forum/29-pc-pitstop39s-paid-products/.

    1. Victor Janulaitis Post author

      I was using the Pro version. Your response was just like the help desk answer. It did not address the issue

      My complaint was how you program worked. First, if a user white lists a program and you ignore it what good is the white list. Second, there is no easy way to get an answer from PCMatic. There is NO chat support and the turn around time on email support was over 1 day per request. Third, PCMatic support ASSUMES the program is working.

      The only good thing you guys did was to say you would issue a refund. But I have yet to see that on my credit card.

      Here are some suggestions for you:

      1. Cut down the time it takes for email support
      2. Publish a list of vendors you do not support
      3. Publicly publish a way to work around the white list issue
      4. Have a “real” forum with user input and knowledge base with search capabilities
      5. Implement chat technical support.

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