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High Paying IT Jobs

High Paying IT Jobs

Median IT Salaries

Median Compensation for IT Professionals based on Janco’s January 2019 IT Salary Survey

High Paying IT Jobs that are in high demand are associated with the new e-commerce roles and Internet based application areas.  All of the job titles that we have listed here fall into positions where the starting salaries are above the median salary of $93,077 for all IT professionals.

The positions that fall we define as high paying for this analysis are associated with IoT (Internet of Things), Salesforce Automation, Virtual Reality and Security.  These are the hot Job titles.  The entry level for each of these positions is over $100,000 and some have pay ranges that exceed $200,000.

High Paying IT Jobs

The positions most in demand and commanding the highest are the associated with Salesforce Automation and that unique application.  That is followed closely by IoT and Security.

If the current demand for these skills continues, two things will happen.  First, there will continue to be an increase in the compensation levels for these positions.  Second, more IT Pros will migrate into these positions increasing the supply.  That in turn will be dampening factor on compensation.

We have seen this before when new technologies required specialized skills.  Typically we found that it took 24 to 36 months for the supply to catch up with the demand. At that time salaries leveled off.

In any case, we see the median salary for all IT professionals at around $97,000 by the end of 2019.

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