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IT Service Management Tool

IT Service Management Tool Now used by over 120 organizations

IT Service Management Tool  (ITSM) and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) have gained great acceptance as the change management discipline has grown over the last several years.

In a survey of over 200 organization, Janco found that 71% of all organizations use the KPI Metric of User Review as a key metric.

ITSO KPI Metrics

Over 71% of organizations that have implement KPI metrics use favorable review by users as the key metric

The percentage of participants using a structured approach to manage change has grown from 55% to 75%. The reasons ITSM, SOA, and change management have become so important to organizations in recent years are:

  1. More and frequent changes – Change is occurring at an incredible pace in organizations today. The sheer quantity of changes is increasing, and changes are happening more frequently and faster than ever before. With such large amounts of change happening, organizations need a better and more structured way to manage the individuals in the organization impacted by all of these changes.
  2. Dynamics of the business environment – With the rapid change in the economic climate, CIOs and their IT organizations are now required to do more with less. Change management and change control is one-step that insures that changes are implemented correctly.
  3. Value system of empowerment – Over the last few years, value systems have shifted in many organizations. Old values of control and predictability have been replaced by new values to push decision-making, authority and responsibility down into the organization. While this shift has delivered many benefits, it has also made top-down changes more difficult and increased the resistance they face. Organizations with empowered work forces need to manage the human side of change more effectively than they did in the very hierarchical structure of the past.
  4. Competitive advantage – Many sources of competitive advantage have eroded as information moves more quickly and across the globe in seconds. In upcoming years, speed and agility will be a central differentiation in the market place. In addition, organizations that do not use change management cannot build their internal competency too quickly and effectively implement change. Strong change management competencies within an organization are a key source of competitive advantage in coming years.

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