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Top 10 Blockchain Challenges

Top 10 Blockchain Challenges for Project Managers

Top 10 Blockchain Challenges – Janco Associates conduct a survey of IT Blockchain Project Managers in large and mid-sized corporations. 178 PMs participated in the study. All of the managers had been operating in that role for over one year and several had been project managers for well over five years. They all had at least 5 project team members and the largest project had over 60 IT professionals on it.

Top 10 Blockchain Challenges

Top 10 Blockchain challenges are associated with the importance and priority of the associated development and implementation activities

Top 10 challenges identified by Janco are:

  • Coordination Internal/External requirements, specifications, and activities – 63%
  • Overworked with Manny work weeks that were well over 60 hours – 53%
  • Understaffed with scores of open requisitions that remained unfilled for months at a time – 51%
  • Changes in specifications both on the data and requirements that were moving targets – 47%
  • Changes coming too fast as more was done the rate of change increased at an ever-increasing rate – 42%
  • Technology New & Rapidly Changing as tools and available resources/tools keep evolving – 42%
  • Scalability of applications designed into the infrastructure architecture – 41%
  • Deadlines not agreed on and set arbitrarily by individuals not involved with the day-to-day development – 39%
  • Staff turnover as key members of the team are burned out and or hired away -34%
  • Staff skills gaps as many team members did not have all of the skills and experience necessary to complete tasks in a timely manner – 34%

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Big Data Salaries

Big Data Salaries – Data Warehouse

High Demand for Big Data and Data Warehouse Skills. Data Warehouse and Big Data Salaries are on the upswing because of this.  In addition, they are tied closely with blockchain applications which is an area of intensive focus.  As a result, many of these positions are difficult to fill with qualified individuals.  In some situations companies have to hire contractors who have these skills in order to complete the design and implementation of systems requiring these skills.  The challenge that CIO and hiring managers face is how to train and / or recruit this talent.

Beyond the management of these technical resources, the positions are divided up in three (3) categories:   architects (Data Scientist, Business Analyst. Data Analyst), administrators (Oracle DBA, SQL DBA), and developers (Data Warehouse Programmer, Oracle Programmer, Entry Level Programmer, Hadoop/Cluster Programmer, SQL Programmer)

In Janco’s Job Classification System each of these groupings are a job family classification. Classes provide the ability to set minimum job requirements, promotion criteria and compensation.  All of these factors are used in the definition of detail job descriptions.

Big Data Salaries

Salaries for Big Data IT Pros are in the upper mid-range. Only the top seven positions fall at or above the overall median range of salaries of $93,077 in the 2018 IT Salary survey

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Top 10 Paying IT Positions

Top 10 Paying IT Positions reported in latest IT Salary Survey

Top 10 Paying IT Positions are at the upper levels of the organization of the Information Technology function.  As expected the media total compensation package for the Vice President – Chief Information Officer (CIO) is around $165,000.  Also, there are a number of CIOs whose total pay with stock and performance bonuses is above $2 million to $3 million.

In the past, we have generated a report on the highest paid CIOs.  In the next few months we will generate that information.

Top 10 paid IT positions

All of these positions are in large organizations. Some have IT budgets well north of $250,000,000 per year

The data in the IT salary survey shows that IT total compensation in on the rise as demand for individuals who can effectively manage these functions is very high. In addition, attrition rates for these positions are on the rise as companies are looking to expand with seasoned professionals.

The data for the top 10 paying IT Positions is as follows:

  1. Vice President – Chief Information Officer – $165,494
  2. VP – Security (CSO) – $142,525
  3. Technical Services – $138,881
  4. VP – Consulting Services – $138,213
  5. Director – Systems & Programming – $133,190
  6. VP – Information Services – $133,094
  7. Director – Production/Data Center – $115,651
  8. VP – Administration – $108,785
  9. Project Manager – Distributed Systems – $107,203
  10. Manager – Systems and Programming – $106,870

IT Job DescriptionIT Salary SurveyInterview & Hiring Guide


IT Hiring KitOrder IT Hiring Kit

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Top 10 Security Weakness

Top 10 Security Weakness Issues Enterprise-Wide

Top 10 Security Weakness Issues – In a review of over 100 enterprises we identified the security weakness issues that CIOs, CSOs, and IT pros need to address. There are:

  1. Using only single level verification for access to sensitive data
  2. Having “public” workstations or access point is connected to a secure network
  3. Weak Passwords
  4. Sharing login credentials
  5. Static Passwords
  6. Data validation for forms is contained in client-side JavaScript
  7. Connect to network from an unsecure access point
  8. Corporate web site is encrypted but the login process is not
  9. Using weak encryption for back end management
  10. Using unencrypted or weak encryption for Web site or Web server management
Top 10 Security Weakness

Top 10 Security Weakness Issues Identified

Order Security Policies and ProceduresDownload TOC security policies

Janco’s Security Manaual provides tools that IT Professionals can use to address these  issues.  In addition, there are a number of articles that have been published on Janco’s main web site.  To see them go to the site and under the main menu bar there is a search option.  With that you will be able to see all the web pages that have the term security weakness or any sub-set of the seach term.

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Top 10 CIO Issues

Top 10 CIO Issues For 2018

C-Level Job Descriptions

C-Level Job descriptions are key to recruiting IT Professions

Top 10 CIO Issues – The role of the CIO and CTO is changing as more enterprises more towards a “Value Added” role for the Information Technology function. Those changes are depicted in the detail job descriptions that have been created for all of the functions with IT — especially for the CIO and CTO.

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In 2018 the Top 10 issues were:

  1. Security and Hacking – If there was a major breach at a company that made the news, then the CIO and/or CSO lost thier jobs
  2. Blockchain and Cloud processing were the focus of much new development and staff recruting
  3. Mobile Computing  and support of those activities took up an ever increasing percentage of the support and help desk functions
  4. Standardization and Integration of information and sensitive data were marked as areas where operational managment wanted better controls
  5. Access Management in light of compliance and secrurity mandates
  6. Identity Protection of users both internal and external was a concern of many
  7. Budget Management was less of an issue than in prior years but still of some concern
  8. SaaS Demand in responce to increasing costs of support
  9. Staffing with demand for IT professionals increasing both salaries and attrittion rate incearsed
  10. Internaation compliance with the requirement that GDPR be followed.
Top 10 CIO issues

Top 10 CIO issues are monitored by Janco and the resultant data is published at least once every year

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